Homer Kachemak Bay Rotary Vocational Scholarship - HOMER AREA ONLY

Type:  Scholarship

Who:  Homer graduating seniors - HOMER ONLY

Amount:  $2,000

The Homer Kachemak Bay Rotary Club is sponsoring $2,000.00 in scholarships for the Fall 2018/Spring 2019 academic year for 2018 high school graduates.  Students can attend any institution in a vocational program.  Applicants must demonstrate their best combination of financial need, academic achievement, career goals and Rotary principles.  Vocational program is defined as a program leading to an industry certificate, or other certificate of completion which would enable the recipient to obtain entry level career employment.  this need not be in a traditional vocational area such as welding or other trade, but may include culinary arts, specialized business training, etc. and need don't be a degree program.

For more information please view the attachment listed below.

Attachment:   2018 Homer Kachemak Bay Rotary Vocational Scholarship Packet