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Summer Opportunities

  • Summer Construction Academy
    Expires On: Wednesday, January 01, 2020 4:50 AM

    Description:  This is an intense Ten day course where students will meet for 8 hour per day, for two weeks. Students who complete this course will be eligible for ½ high school practical art credit. This will be free of charge to the student. Transportation may be provided if needed. Skills developed: Welding - students will explore methods of metal fabrication and will be involved in a construction project.

    Dates:  TBA

    Location:  TBA

    Attachment:  N/A

  • Summer Work Co-Op
    Expires On: Wednesday, January 01, 2020 4:50 AM

    Description:  Additional summer program. Students who complete this program will be eligible for ½ high school practical art credit.

    • Paid employment
    • 180 hours required for ½ credit
    • Work must all take place in the same semester.
    • Verification of hours is required.
    • Journal and career development worksheets required.
    • Links to forms/registration information

    What:  Summer Work Coop WW 705 or On the Job Training WW 710 for 1/2 credit

    Where:  Central Peninsula Area

    Who is eligible:  Those students enrolled in a CTE class spring or fall semester of 2013-2014 and have attained a Junior or Senior status by June 1, 2014.

    Dates:  TBA

    Student Responsibility

    Competencies and standards in both employability skills and work base learning skills will be developed. A checklist and evaluation will be designed for each student and their place of employment.Employee evaluations will also be completed by the employer and will be part of the overall grade. Grades will range from A-F. One half credit will be available upon successful completion of the course.

    • Must have viable employment (licensed and legal employer adhering to all child labor laws). Ideally the employment is in the area of the student's career pathway or interest. A Training Agreement and Parent Permission form must be filled out.
    • Must have a minimum of 180 hours at the work site
    • Must keep a work journal and time sheets through out the work experience
    • Must do worksheets on career development and planning.



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