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AR 6146.1 High School Graduation Requirements

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 6146.1


Eligibility to Graduate

  1. In order for a new student entering the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District to receive a Kenai Peninsula Borough School District diploma, he/she must be enrolled as a full-time student by the beginning of the second semester of the senior year and fulfill all requirements of the District. To be considered full time, a student is required to enroll for a minimum of 2.0 credits per semester (e.g., four courses at .5 credit each, or two courses at 1.0 each).
  2. Students enrolling in a District school during the second semester of their senior year must enroll in the District for a minimum of 2.0 credits (e.g., 4 courses at .5 credit each or 2 courses at 1.0 credit each for the semester).
  3. For new students transferring to the District as seniors in their second semester who do not plan to receive a Kenai Peninsula Borough School District diploma, the following process is allowed. Upon request of the parent, student and former school district, the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District school will send the previous school progress reports so a diploma may be granted by the previous school or previous school district. The student may participate in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District graduation ceremony provided they are receiving a diploma from their previous school or district.
  4. In order to receive a Kenai Peninsula Borough School District diploma, students who leave the District must either fulfill graduation requirements before they leave or have completed an approved plan for meeting the requirements prior to the graduation date. This plan must be approved by the principal of the school granting the diploma, and by the District Superintendent.
  5. Deviation from these requirements may be approved by the Superintendent of schools as recommended by the building principal. 

Credit for Home School, Private School or Correspondence Courses

  1. Credits received from schools accredited through state departments of education or national regional accreditation associations will be accepted by the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District .
  2. Credits claimed from nonaccredited schools will be subject to approval by the District instructional team:
    1. Students must provide evidence of work completed for the course for which credit is requested.
    2. Students must demonstrate competency in the language arts, mathematics, science and social studies course for which credit is requested; such competency should be equivalent to that of other Kenai Peninsula Borough School District students who have received credits for a similar or like KPBSD course.
    3. In order to receive credit outside the core areas, the student must provide evidence of work completed and an assessment of work completed which will be evaluated by the District instructional team.

High School Credits at the Middle School Level

In certain cases, courses taken by middle school students may be recognized for high school credit towards graduation requirements. Students may receive high school credit for high school work if they take high school courses at the high school with high school students. Additionally, middle school students may receive high school credit for Algebra I and Geometry upon successful completion (with a grade of C or better), even if taken at the middle school.

Weighted Grades

Additional quality points will be assigned for College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses for the purpose of calculating grade point average (GPA). For each passing semester grade in an Advanced Placement course, 0.021 will be added to the student’s cumulative GPA. Effective for SY 2015, the fall semester weighted quality points will be added at the conclusion of the fall semester (like before).  In order to receive the spring semester weighted quality points, students must also complete the National Advanced Placement course examination.

Credit Limitations

No more than one (1.0) credit of classroom aide experience during the high school career can qualify toward graduation.


Revised: 04/04/2016

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