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AR 6158 Health Curriculum Opt-Out Provisions

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 6158


Community members are invited and encouraged to read the health curriculum by checking out a copy from either the curriculum office or their local schools. In addition, materials being used are available upon parent request. After reviewing the curriculum and materials, a parent may request further clarification by making an appointment with the health teacher, principal, or Director of Curriculum/Staff Development.

Recognizing that topics and discussions related to the area of health may be sensitive in nature and may cause concern on the part of parents, every effort will be made to communicate with parents, answer questions and handle health–related topics with sensitivity and care. Outside speakers and related materials will be utilized with the approval of the building principal. Controversial issues will be handled in accordance with BP 6144  and AR 6144.

Opt–Out Procedures


If a parent does not want his/her child to be present when a particular topic in the health curriculum is covered, he/she shall inform the principal and complete an opt–out form (E6158 a ). An opt–out form should also be completed if the parent chooses to opt–out the child from the entire health curriculum. Alternative activities and assignments will be arranged for the child during that instructional time.

Middle School/High School

A health course is required at the middle school and high school level. If after reviewing the curriculum, a parent has any particular concerns, he/she will discuss his/her concerns with the teacher and principal. If after this discussion accommodations cannot be agreed on, the parent may choose to opt their student out of the class or opt not to have the student present in the class for a particular topic.

If a parent does not want his/her child to be present when a particular topic in the health curriculum is covered but would like the student to take the class at school, he/she shall inform the principal and complete an opt out form (E 6158(a)or(b)). If a student will miss more than three days of instruction because of controversial issues, he/she will opt out of the entire class. Should a student opt out of a portion of the class, parents are responsible for providing supervision for their student during the instructional time the student is not in class, as well as providing instruction on the material for which the student is not present. Students will be held responsible for and tested on the content of the lessons missed.

An opt out form should be completed if a parent chooses to opt out his/her child from the entire health course at the middle school or high school level. A one-semester correspondence course may be purchased by the parent and counted toward this requirement with prior approval of the building administrator. (Please note that one-half semester credit during high school is required for graduation.)

After an opt–out form is completed, the principal shall:

  1. Retain a file copy of the form.
  2. Provide a copy of the form to the child's teachers.
  3. Provide a copy of the form to the child's parent.
  4. Forward a copy of the form to the Director of Curriculum/Staff Development.
  5. For middle and high school students, forward a copy of the form to the Director of Secondary Education.

Adoption Date: 1/16/06

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