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2013-14 Policy Revisions

 Adopted, Revised, or Deleted Board Policies (BP), Administrative Regulations (AR), and Exhibits (E)


Policy Description Newly
Revised Deleted
BP 3515 School Safety and Security   07/01/2013  
AR 3541.1 School Related Trips   07/01/2013  
AR 5125 Student Records   07/01/2013  
AR 6146.5 Special Services Grading and Graduation Guidelines   07/01/2013  
AR 6153 School Sponsored Trips   07/01/2013  
BP 3541.1     School Related Trips   08/05/2013  
BP 5040 Student Nutrition and Wellness (formerly 5141.6)   08/05/2013  
AR 5040 Student Nutrition and Wellness (formerly 5141.6)   08/05/2013  
E 5125(c) Release of Health Information   09/09/2013  
E 5141.3 Growth Opt Out Form (NEW) 09/09/2013    
AR 1330 Use of School Facilities and Properties   09/09/2013  
E 1330(a) Room and Building Use Application   09/09/2013  
E 9110     Student Representative on KPBSD Board of Education       09/09/2013  
E 3360(b)     Mileage Reimbursement   10/14/2013  
BP 5138     Student Possession and Use of Personal Electronic Devices, Including Celllar Phones 10/14/2013    
BP 6172     Special Education   10/14/2013  
AR1312.4     Public Complaints Concerning Elementary and Secondary Education Act Requirements     11/04/2013    
BP 5128     Alaska Performance Scholarship Program   11/04/2013  
AR 5128 Alaska Performance Scholarship Program   11/04/2013  
BP 5141.3 Health Examinations   11/04/2013  
BP 5142.3 Restraint and Seclusion 11/04/2013    
BP 6145 Cocurricular Activities   11/04/2013  
E 1330 b     Community Use of School Facility/Community Use Waiver of Liability     11/04/2013    
BP 6145.2     Interscholastic Competition   12/02/2013  
E 3360(a)     Travel Reimbursement   1/01/2014  
E 3360(b) Mileage Reimbursement   1/01/2014  
BP 6145.22 Concussion in Student Athletes   1/13/2014  
AR 6145.22 Concussion in Student Athletes   1/13/2014  
AR 6164.4 Child Find   1/13/2014  
E 9000(c)     Board of Education Request   1/13/2014  
E 6141.(a.1) Curriculum Development Process   2/3/2014  
 E 6141 (a.2)     Curriculum Development Process   2/3/2014  
E 6141 (b) Currriculum Content Review Cycle   2/3/2014  
E 6141 (c) Course Development and Adoption Guide 2/3/2014    
E 6141 (d) Proposal for Curriculum Addition/Revision Outside of Cycle 2/3/2014    
BP 3541.2 Transportation for Students with Disabilities   3/3/2014  
AR 3515 Access and Keys   4/14/2014  
AR 6146.1 High School Graduation Requirements   4/14/2014  
E 1330(c) Application for Possession of a Firearm or Deadly or Defensive Weapon   4/14/2014  
E 3315.1 Request to do Business wit KPBSD   4/14/2014  
E 3350(a) Active Tax Shelter List   4/14/2014  
E 3541.1(a) School Driver Registration Form   4/14/2014  
E 3360(a)     Statement of Expenses   4/14/2014  
E 3360(b) Statement of Mileage   4/14/2014  
E 6153(h) Indemnification Statement   4/14/2014  
E 6153.1(b) Field Trip Accomodation Plan - Students with Medical Needs   4/14/2014  
BP 3000      Concepts and Roles   5/5/2014  
BP 3260 Materials Fees 5/5/2014    
AR 3350 Payroll - IRS Retirement Plans   5/5/2014  
E 5125.1(b)  Directory Information Parent Opt Out Form   5/5/2014  
BP 6187 Charter Schools   5/5/2014  
BP 3313 Contracts, Leases and Agreements   6/2/2014  
BP 3314.3 Equipment Purchases   6/2/2014  
BP 3350 Payroll   6/2/2014  
AR 5131.7 Weapons and Dangerous Instruments   6/2/2014  
AR 6153 School Sponsored Trips   6/2/2014  
BP 6161.13 Student Fees for Instruction Materials   6/2/2014  
AR 5112.6(a) Education For Homeless Children and Youths   7/07/2014  
AR 6146.5 Special Services Grading and Graduation Guidelines   7/07/2014  

 E 3350(b)

Salary Reduction Agreement & Investment Selection Form - 403(b) Retirement   7/07/2014  
E 3530(a) Student Visitor Injury Incident Report   7/7/2014  
E 5141.3 Opt-Out Form for Growth Screening   7/7/2014  
E 6145.22(2)     ASAA Parent Student Verification of Receipt of Information Concerning Concussions   7/7/2014  
E 6145.22(4) ASAA Healthcare Provider Release and Return to Play Protocol (RTP)      


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