E9130d Board Committees - Finance Committee

KPBSD Policy Manual

E 9130d

Bylaws of the Board
 Name: Board Finance Committee
 Department: Board of Education
 Focus Area: Review district finances, audit, budget and finance related activities
 Membership: Four board members appointed by the board president, district administrators as needed
 Type: Standing
 Meeting Dates: As needed
 Duration: Ongoing

The Finance Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding the existing and projected revenues and expenditures, and suggests measures to overcome potential budget constraints and improve the fiscal solvency of the District.  Such recommendations are made to ensure the District is maximizing its revenues, is using its resources optimally, and is able to sustain effective operations on a long-term basis.

The Finance Committee regularly identifies areas of the budget or of fiscal operations for in-depth analysis.  Such projects are undertaken for the purpose of addressing public input, developing the budget timeline and a fiscal plan, and reviewing Administration assumptions. 


Revised: 06/04/18