Straight up facts: forty-four schools, one district


KPBSD Points of Interest 

  • 25,600 square miles: the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is larger than the entire state of West Virginia. 
  • 7,725 miles on the road: everyday school busses transport 2,500 plus students throughout the district. 
  • KPBSD school building rooftops cover a combined area of more than 50 acres. 


Do you know… 

  • KPBSD is the largest employer on the Kenai Peninsula, issuing over $5 million, monthly, in gross payroll. 
  • Forty-three percent of the district’s certified staff  have been members of the KPBSD educational team for at least 10 years. 
  • Approximately 75 percent of projected general fund expenditures go to instruction, and 25 percent will go to instructional support. 
  • The district’s total student population is 11 percent Alaska Native. 



Student Enrollment 2010-2011 

PK-3    2,851 

4-6       1,993 

7-8       1,420 

9-12     2,884 

Total    9,148 


44 Schools  

14 Elementary              

  4 Middle (6-8 and 7-8)           

11 Secondary (7-12 and 9-12) 

15 Small 



Pupil to Teacher Ratio  

K                      1:20 

1-3                   1:22 

4-6                   1:24 

Secondary      1:24 

K-12, K-6        1:17 





District administration  16 

Building administration   48 

Certified staff  675 

Support staff   562 

Total: 1,301 



Senior Management  

Steve Atwater, Superintendent  

Sean Dusek, Assistant Superintendent  

Dave Jones, Assistant Superintendent  


Leadership Team  

Doris Cannon, Elementary Education/Curriculum  

John O’Brien, Secondary Education/Pupil Activities  

Clayton Holland, Pupil Services  

Tim Vlasak, K-12 Schools/Assessment & Federal Programs  

Tim Peterson, Human Resources  

Dave Spence, Planning and Operations   

Jim White, Information Services  

Laurie Olson, Finance   

Pegge Erkeneff, Communications  




School Board of Education  

Joe Arness, President 

Liz Downing, Vice President  

Sunni Hilts, Clerk  

Sammy Crawford, Treasurer 

Marty Anderson 

Lynn Hohl 

Bill Holt 

Tim Navarre 

Penny Vadla 

KPBSD Student representative  




2012 Legislative Priorities  

State: Purchase and install security cameras for schools; Repair KPBSD running tracks; Extend the gas pipeline from Anchor Point to Homer; Provide sustained, reliable, and adequate educational funding; Address energy costs; Raise mandatory age of attendance; Fund early learning programs; Provide accountability for all school-age children; Create new high school exit exam; Support the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Kenai Peninsula College; Create a favorable climate for oil and exploration in Cook Inlet. Further details:   

Federal: Maintain funding for the Entitlement Programs; Extend gas pipeline from Anchor Point to Homer; Fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA); Reauthorize Elementary Secondary Education Act; Fund early learning programs in Alaska. 




KPBSD Fast Facts   

44 Schools   


Senior Management  

District Leadership Team   

School Board of Education   

2012 Legislative Priorities