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Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Five Year Plan Revision

“In an effort to improve our school district, we need a good plan to guide that effort. As a stakeholder in our community, you have a unique perspective that will help in the development of our new strategic plan. Your opinion will help develop areas the school district should focus on and guide which goals we should set. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey as we chart the direction of our schools for the next several years.”
–Sean Dusek, Superintendent of Schools

Will you please participate in this online survey about KPBSD schools? 
As we strive to improve our school district, it is important that we have a good plan to guide our improvement efforts. As a way to ensure that this is the case, KPBSD is refreshing and revising our strategic plan. All community members, families, students, and staff can have a voice in this process by completing the KPBSD Community Survey that is open October 25 – November 21, 2016.
Each of you has a unique perspective that will help guide our planning. Your opinion will help KPBSD develop focus areas and long term goals for the district. 


Brief survey questions include these topics: 

  • Evidence of Education Quality 
  • Challenge and Issues Impacting Education Quality 
  • Educational Priorities
  • Student Skills and Abilities 
  • Financial Priorities 
  • Your Suggestions to Improve Quality of Education 

In the next two months this survey will be essential in the process of refreshing and developing our long-term KPBSD strategic plan. A synthesis of the responses will be shared with the Board of Education, and available online.

Thank you for making time to complete this valuable survey. Your feedback is important.

The Survey is only available online, through this link:  

KPBSD Schools Map 2016

Please provide your responses by November 21, 2016

Link: 2012-2017 KPBSD Strategic Plan  

Mission Statement  

The mission of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is to develop productive, responsible citizens who are prepared to be successful in a dynamic world.

Vision Statement  

We envision KPBSD students who engage in their learning, participate in their community, reach high levels of achievement, and graduate prepared for their future.

Guiding principles

  • Each student can learn and be successful
  • Every student is recognized as unique, valuable, and is treated with respect and dignity
  • Learning is a lifelong process
  • The educational environment is safe, engaging and purposeful.
  • Our students' educational experience depends on understanding and working with diverse communities
  • Early identification of strengths and weaknesses is crucial to ensure overall development and achievement
  • High standards and expectations are essential for student success and preventing student failure
  • Continuous improvement is student-centered, data-driven, and collaborative
  • Differentiated learning opportunities are integral to all instruction
  • A rigorous curriculum challenges students
  • Collaboration and effective instruction are district commitments
  • Teachers are facilitators of learning and agents of inspiration
  • KPBSD graduates are prepared for post-secondary education and, or, career ready
  • All financial decisions are student centered and sustainable

Three Focus Areas  

Academic Success  

Deliver relevant, rigorous, standards-based curriculum in conjunction with alternative pathways and a flexible approach to ensure that every KPBSD student stays engaged, reaches high levels of achievement and graduates.

Organizational Excellence  

Evolve KPBSD as a highly reliable, world-class organization that fosters a culture of innovation, attracts and retains the best-of-the-best employees, and supports an infrastructure that promotes a fluid academic environment.

Community and Family Engagement  

All KPBSD schools reach out to parents and communities to promote shared value and responsibility for the process of education.


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