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A Visual Feast: Twenty-third Annual Student Art Show

"It’s not just what you see – it’s how you see it!”

Visual Feast, the twenty-third annual juried student art show is an art exhibition held by the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District in cooperation with the Kenai Art Guild. All artwork—more than one hundred pieces—is created by seventh through twelfth grade students under the guidance of a school district art teacher. Seven high schools and four middle schools participated in 2012.

The show runs April 5—30, 2012, at the Kenai Fine Arts Center, 816 Cook Avenue, in Historic Old Town Kenai. An award ceremony took place on April 5, 2012, to open the show. Teachers, administrators, school board members, and families were present to celebrate the student artists!

Several categories include Drawing, Functional Ceramics, Mixed Media, Open, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Watercolor.

Thank you to the students who participated, to the Kenai Art Guild and all the parents, community members and educators who make this annual event possible.



20120402_HL_Art_Competition_1.jpg    20120402_HL_Art_Competition_4.jpg 
 20120402_HL_Art_Competition_3.jpg    20120402_HL_Art_Competition_2.jpg 
 20120402_HL_Art_Competition_5.jpg    20120402_HL_Art_Competition_6.jpg 
 20120402_HL_Art_Competition_7.jpg   20120402_HL_Art_Competition_8.jpg 
 20120402_HL_Art_Competition_9.jpg   20120402_HL_Art_Competition_11.jpg 
20120402_HL_Art_Competition_10.jpg  20120402_HL_Art_Competition_12.jpg 
20120402_HL_Art_Competition_13.jpg  20120402_HL_Art_Competition_14.jpg 
20120402_HL_Art_Competition_15.jpg  20120402_HL_Art_Competition_16.jpg 
20120402_HL_Art_Competition_17.jpg  20120402_HL_Art_Competition_18.jpg 
20120402_HL_Art_Competition_19.jpg    20120402_HL_Art_Competition_27.jpg 
20120402_HL_Art_Competition_21.jpg  20120402_HL_Art_Competition_22.jpg 
 20120402_HL_Art_Competition_35.jpg  20120402_HL_Art_Competition_24.jpg  
20120402_HL_Art_Competition_25.jpg  20120402_HL_Art_Competition_26.jpg 
 20120402_HL_Art_Competition_20.jpg  20120402_HL_Art_Competition_28.jpg 
20120402_HL_Art_Competition_29.jpg  20120402_HL_Art_Competition_30.jpg 
20120402_HL_Art_Competition_31.jpg  20120402_HL_Art_Competition_32.jpg 
20120402_HL_Art_Competition_33.jpg   20120402_HL_Art_Competition_34.jpg 
 20120402_HL_Art_Competition_23.jpg  20120402_HL_Art_Competition_36.jpg 
20120402_HL_Art_Competition_37.jpg  20120402_HL_Art_Competition_38.jpg 


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