Alaska Construction Career Days 2012


Hundreds of KPBSD students participated in hands-on welding, surveying, building, residential wiring, cable cutting, and much more during the Alaska Construction Career Days, May 1, 2012. Held at the Soldotna Sports Center, students took the driver’s seat in a variety of heavy equipment including a backhoe, dozer, excavator, and a semi-truck.

Education and Early Development Commissioner Mike Hanley wrote to students in the Alaska Construction Career Day booklet, “Make no mistake about this: our high school years—from the classroom to the playing fields, from the art studios and stages to the shops and labs—belong to you. Own them. Use them. Make them your path to success.”

A day to explore future possibilities, students had the opportunity to meet with training and educational programs that could lead them to careers in construction. A number of future employers were present to talk with the students about the types of jobs they foresee in the near future.

Norma M. Lucero, Statewide Support Services Coordinator for the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities Civil Rights Office offered this advice: “Career awareness in the transportation industry encompasses more than heavy equipment. There are many opportunities for managers, engineers, and the field is wide open for women.”

Nikiski student Patrick King challenged Dr. Atwater, KPBSD superintendent, to some fun amidst his busy day in a race that included a hammer, nails, and balancing act.

KPBSD extends a thank you to the many people who worked to offer this day for students. Union members, industry experts, school counselors, staff, and local volunteers merit applause. Alaska Construction Career Days is a state wide program sponsored by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities Civil Rights Office, and the Local Technical Assistance Program.


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