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Section 4

ak dept education

special ed handbook


A procedure must be established to receive referrals of children suspected of having a disability. Referrals must be acted on without undue delay. The District must inform parents, interested agencies, and school personnel of the referral procedures. All referrals should be made on a standard referral form (located in Appendix B) and routed to the Child Find Coordinator. The Child Find Coordinator may need to provide assistance in filling out the form to the person making the referral, such as a parent, teacher, or agency representative. After the referral is made, the Child Find Coordinator should gather information about the child available in school records, (e.g. health history, family history, previous evaluations, records of past school performance).

The Child Find Coordinator should also review each referral to determine appropriateness. For example, a referral to special education only because a student is pregnant would not be an appropriate referral. If a parent-initiated referral is deemed to be inappropriate, (that is, the District does not believe a special education referral is warranted) parents must receive a written notice stating the reasons for the District's refusal and a copy of the Notice of Procedural Safeguards (Appendix E).

Upon determination of an appropriate referral, the Child Find Coordinator shall provide "prior written notice" to the child's parents (see Part VII, Section 3 and Appendix E) and alert the District's Special Education Director of the need to assign an Evaluation Coordinator to oversee the required evaluation.

It is the responsibility of the District's Child Find Coordinator to coordinate with local infant learning programs about children eligible for preschool special education services to ensure that these services are in place by the child's 3rd birthday. The District is required to have an MOA with Part C (Infant Learning Program) providers. The MOA will outline the referral and transition requirements agreed to by each agency.

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