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Section 2

ak dept education

special ed handbook


Before a child may be evaluated, the District must notify the parents in writing. This notice must describe any evaluation procedure that the District proposes to use. Parents must give their informed consent in writing before their child may be evaluated. See Section 3 of this chapter regarding consent.

Review of Existing Data

As part of an initial evaluation, a group consisting of qualified professionals and a parent of the child examine evaluation data already available on the child. This group typically includes the same members that make up an IEP Team. Examples of data that may be examined include:
  1. Information and evaluations provided by the child's parents.
  2. Current classroom-based assessments, local or state assessments, interventions, and classroom-based observations.
  3. Teacher or related service providers' observations.
  4. Classroom work samples.
  5. Behavioral observations and assessments.
On the basis of that review, the team identifies what additional information, if any, is needed to determine:
  1. Whether the child demonstrates a disability.
  2. The child's present levels of academic achievement and related developmental needs of the child.
  3. Whether the child requires special education and related services.
  4. Whether any additions or modifications to the special education and related services are needed to enable the child to meet the measurable annual goals set out in the IEP and to participate, as appropriate, in the general education curriculum.
Note: The team that determines if additional evaluation data are needed may conduct the review without a meeting. Parental consent is not required before reviewing existing data as part of an evaluation or administering a test/evaluation that is given to all children (unless consent is required of parents of all children).

Determination That No Additional Data Are Needed

If the IEP team and other qualified professionals determine that no additional data are needed to determine the child’s educational needs, the District shall provide written notice to the child’s parents:
  1. that determination and the reasons for the determination;
  2. the rights of parents to request an assessment to determine whether the child continues to be a child with a disability and to determine the child’s educational needs; and
  3. shall not be required to conduct such an assessment unless requested by the child’s parents. In all instances, parents have the opportunity to be part of the team that makes that determination. Therefore, no parental consent is necessary if no additional data are needed to conduct the evaluation or re-evaluation.
Determination That Additional Data Are Needed

If the group of qualified professionals and a parent of the child conclude that not enough data exists to make the above determinations, the District must administer the necessary tests and evaluations to produce the needed data.

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