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Section 6

ak dept education

special ed handbook


Upon completion of the administration of tests and other evaluation materials, a determination of whether the student is eligible for special education services shall be made by a group of qualified professionals and a parent of the child. Previously, this eligibility group was referred to as the IEP Team in order to distinguish it from the MDT (multi-disciplinary team). However, the required membership and purpose of the eligibility group and the IEP Team are not the same and so the phrase group of qualified professionals and a parent of the child is used in the current revision in keeping with IDEA 2004. A written evaluation/eligibility report must be prepared to document that a child is eligible for special education. The report must summarize the information from all the evaluations. A copy of the report must be given to the parent.To the extent feasible, the results of evaluations should be provided to parents and appropriate school personnel before any meeting to discuss identification, evaluation, placement, or FAPE.

The Evaluation Summary & Eligibility Report should include at least the following information: (see Appendix C for sample Evaluation Summary & Eligibility Report.)
  1. The date of the report (for an initial evaluation, this date represents the date the child is determined eligible for special education).
  2. The name, birth date, and gender of the child.
  3. The dates the evaluations were conducted.
  4. A list of the members of the team consisting of qualified professionals and a parent of the child.
  5. The signature of each team member.
  6. A description of the child's present levels of academic achievement and functional performance.
  7. A description of environmental, cultural, or economic factors, if appropriate (required for learning disabilities; should be considered for emotional disturbance, mental retardation, and speech impaired).
  8. A summary of the team's discussion.
  9. The disability category, the educational needs of the child, and a statement of whether the child requires special education and related services.
  10. Dissenting opinions, if any.

    If a parent disagrees with the District evaluation, the parent has the right to an independent educational evaluation (see Part VII, Section 8). The LEA may not use due process to seek to provide services if parent refuses initial consent for services. (The LEA will not be considered to have failed to provide a FAPE and shall not be required to develop an IEP)

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