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Section 7

ak dept education

special ed handbook


The District must ensure that a re-evaluation of each child with a disability is conducted every 3 years, or more frequently if conditions warrant, or if the child's parent or teacher makes a reasonable request for such an individual evaluation. "Conditions warrant" means when there is sufficient information to suspect that a significant change in a child's educational functioning is occurring that may necessitate change in the child's educational program.

A re-evaluation refers to any evaluation that is conducted after a student has been determined eligible for special education. Once a child has been evaluated the first time and a decision has been made that the child is eligible, any subsequent evaluation would constitute a re-evaluation. All re-evaluation procedures must be provided at no expense to the parents.

For a child whose eligibility category is early childhood developmental delay, re-evaluation by the IEP Team and other qualified professionals is required before the child's 9th birthday. The re-evaluation will determine whether the child continues to be eligible for special education and related services.

Re-evaluation is not required before the termination of a student's eligibility for special education services due to graduation with a regular high school diploma or exceeding the age eligibility for FAPE (21 years). However, either of these events constitutes a “change of placement” that requires prior written notice be given a reasonable amount of time before the termination of services occurs.

Consent for Re-evaluation

Prior written notice must be provided and parental consent obtained prior to re-evaluation if additional data/information is required. A single form that meets the requirements of consent and notice may be used. If the parent fails to respond to reasonable measures taken by the District to obtain consent, the school may proceed with the re-evaluation. A district must document the measures it took to obtain consent. The consent for evaluation/re-evaluation is located in Appendix C.

As noted previously, parental consent is not required before reviewing existing data as part of the re-evaluation or administering a test that is given to all children (unless consent is required of parents of all children). Therefore, no parental consent is necessary if no additional data are needed to conduct a re-evaluation.

IEP Team Responsibilities

Prior to any re-evaluation of a student:
  1. The IEP Team and other qualified professionals will determine the nature and extent of the evaluation by reviewing existing data on the child. Data may include, for example, evaluations and information provided by the parent, current classroom-based assessments and observations, and teacher and related service providers' observations.
  2. On the basis of its review of existing data, and input from the child's parents, the IEP Team and other qualified professionals will determine what additional data, if any, are needed to determine:
    1. Whether the child continues to have a disability.
    2. The present levels of academic achievement and related developmental needs of the child.
    3. Whether the child continues to need special education and related services.
    4. Whether any additions or modifications to the special education and related services are needed to enable the child to meet the IEP goals and to participate in the general education curriculum.
  3. If the IEP Team and other qualified professionals determine that additional data are not required, the District must clearly document that decision and provide prior written notice (Appendix E) to the parents of that determination and the reason for the determination. The District must also inform the parent of his or her right to request further assessment to determine whether the child continues to be a child with a disability and to determine educational needs.
  4. Based on recommendations from the IEP Team and other qualified professionals, the District will seek parental consent and administer the needed assessments.

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