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special ed handbook

A person employed as a teacher of a child with a disability must possess a certificate (an Initial, Professional, Master Teacher), with an endorsement based upon completion of an approved teacher training program in special education, have content knowledge and skills, and be highly qualified by the end of the 2005 - 2006 school year.

A person other than a teacher of a child with a disability (i.e., a regular classroom teacher or a paraprofessional) may assist in providing special education to students with disabilities if he or she is supervised by a teacher with a special education endorsement.

The teacher with the special education endorsement has the primary responsibility to:
  1. Plan the evaluation of the child,
  2. Plan the child's educational programs, including participating in and signing the child's IEP,
  3. Train and supervise the staff that will be teaching the child,
  4. Review the child's program to determine progress and make adjustments as needed, and
  5. A teacher with special education endorsement reviews and supervises the child's special education program on site at least once a month.
Teachers for Children Who are Visually Impaired or Deaf

A teacher who evaluates or plans educational programs for child who are visually impaired or deaf, or who has responsibility for training staff to teach children who are visually impaired or deaf, must have an endorsement in the education of children with that impairment based upon completion of an approved teacher training program in special education. A district serving a child who is deaf or visually impaired can comply with this requirement in one of three ways:
  1. Hire appropriately endorsed staff to teach the child.
  2. Contract with appropriately endorsed staff.
  3. Secure the service from the Special Education Service Agency (SESA).
Note: If a regular teacher or paraprofessional assists in teaching a child with a disability, it is required that the amount of supervision provided by the itinerant teacher responsible for the child's program be included on the IEP as part of the specific special education and related services to be provided.

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