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Section 7

ak dept education

special ed handbook

The IDEA 2004 includes a greater emphasis on ensuring that personnel who work with children with disabilities are prepared to meet their unique needs. Under the IDEA 2004, each district must have a personnel development plan and provide a program of ongoing training for all general and special education administrative and instructional personnel, related services, and support personnel, including paraprofessionals, and, as appropriate, bus drivers and bus aides. The plan must ensure that all personnel working with children with disabilities have the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the needs of those children. To address this requirement, the District may develop a separate professional development plan based on a needs assessment of personnel needs in the District. The plan must also include professional development activities that reflect the training priorities established by the Department and reflected in its state improvement grant described below, or may use the Alaska Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) training priorities established by the Department of Education & Early Development. These are developed and revised using data derived from issues addressed through dispute resolution activities, state and federal monitoring activities, feedback from service providers and recipients, and national trends.

The District is required to maintain a record of all staff development activities conducted, including the dates and time of the training, the name and title of the person providing the training, the topics covered, and the names of persons attending.

The District must take measurable steps to recruit, hire, train, and retain highly qualified personnel to provide special education and related services.

District failure to meet the standards of highly qualified personnel does not create a right of action or prevent filing a complaint to the SEA about staff qualifications.

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