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Section 1

ak dept education

special ed handbook
This Part summarizes the information the Department will review when monitoring district Special Education Programs. The Department has revised the current monitoring process to better reflect the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, revised monitoring system that is referred to as the Continuous Improvement Monitoring Process (CIMP). The CIMP will be described in more detail later in this Part.


Prior to a compliance monitoring review, a district must send the following information to the Department at least 30 days in advance of the review:
  1. An alphabetized list of the special education students served during the current school year grouped by school site and teacher or related service provider (during the on-site visit, attendance records of special education service providers and regular education teachers, if appropriate, will be used to confirm that students on this list are receiving special education services). Please email this list in an Excel spreadsheet.

    If the review is conducted prior to the October Child Count date, the District must also send a list of the students served during the previous school year. The purpose of these lists is to confirm the number of students with disabilities receiving special education and related services as well as the number of students claimed for intensive funding.

    The special education student list must include:
    1. Student's name, birth date, grade, and ethnicity.
    2. Student's social security number.
    3. Eligibility category.
    4. The school site where special education services are provided (including home schools, private schools, charter schools, correspondence schools, juvenile detention facilities, adult correctional facilities, or any other appropriate setting.)
    5. Special education entry date and exit date.
    6. Whether the student was claimed for intensive funding.
    7. The number of in-school suspensions, out-of-school suspensions, expulsions, manifestation determination meetings, and/or referrals to law enforcement experienced by the student.
    8. An indication of whether the student's education program was the subject of a complaint, mediation, and/or due process hearing over the past 5 years.
    9. A list of special education teachers, administrators, related service providers and interpreters for the deaf. Please email this list in an Excel spreadsheet. The personnel list must include:
    10. Names
    11. Positions
    12. Teacher certification numbers (social security numbers)
    13. A list of schools within your district that includes daily time schedules for each school.

  2. A list of private schools, charter schools, correspondence schools, juvenile detention facilities, adult correctional facilities, community transition agencies (for early childhood and secondary transition) in the District. Please include addresses and phone numbers.

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