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Title IA (No Child Left Behind)

What is Title I?

The KPBSD Title I program is made available through federal grants to improve the academic achievement of students in schools of high poverty.  The Title I program is designed to help students be more successful in their classrooms, specifically in early literacy.  Title I funds are available for teachers, materials, and support services for schools that qualify under ESEA guidelines.  Each year Title I funds are allocated to neighborhood schools based on economic need, which is determined through free and reduced lunch enrollments. 

Title I Eligibility

Students qualify for Title I services based on academic need.  A variety of assessment data are used to target students who are struggling to meet Alaska’s challenging academic standards in literacy.  Once students are identified, Title I teachers work with classroom teachers to provide individualized and small group instruction to improve academic achievement.  Title I offers individual and small group instruction using a variety of teaching methods and materials. Title I and classroom teachers work closely together to support learning.

Title I Programs

Title I Students generally receive support in the development of early reading skills. KPBSD Title I funds are used for:
            Title I Pre-K
            Title I Teachers and Paraprofessionals
            Intervention Supplies and Materials
            Professional Development
            Family/Parent Involvement
            Extended School (before or after school tutoring)

Title I programs are required to utilize effective, research based instruction, and must also provide evidence that students receiving Title I support are showing academic growth.  Such evidence is gathered through regular formative assessments and through annual state standardized tests. 

To qualify for enrollment in a Title I Pre-K program children must be 4 years old on or before September 1, 2016, and participate in a screening event to determine eligibility.. You MUST complete a Pre-K application and schedule a screening appointment for your child at your neighborhood school. Screenings dates this fall for the Central Peninsula schools are as follows:

  • August 17, 2016 8:00am-3:00pm, Borough Assembly Chambers, Soldotna
  • August 18, 2016 8:15am-:2:45pm, Kenai Public Library

To schedule a screening, please call your local area attendance school. Title I Pre-K is offered at the following Central Peninsula schools: Sterling Elementary, Redoubt Elementary, Soldotna Elementary, Mt. View Elementary, Nikiiski North Star Elementary, and Ninilchik School. Screening for the 2017-2018 school year will take place in the spring.

Parent Involvement

KPBSD and Title I place great importance on parent involvement in the education process.  Research confirms that when parents are partners in their children’s education the results are increased motivation, higher self-esteem, improved achievement, better attendance, reduced dropout rates, and decreased delinquency.

Parents play a dominant role in influencing a child’s confidence and motivation to become a successful learner.  When students see that education is important to the adults in their lives, it becomes important to them as well.  The reward for becoming more involved in the education process is a more successful, safe and self-confident student.

Ways to be Involved in the Education Process

Be a positive role model; stress the importance of a quality education
Stay in touch with the school – call, e-mail or visit
Limit appointments and absences during the school day. 
Take time to review homework – set and enforce homework standards. 
Offer praise and encouragement
Create a warm and supportive home atmosphere
Read a book together. 
Regularly attend Title I meetings, parent activities, student conferences and other school events.

Resources for Parents

  • US Department of Education – Especially for Parents, features checklists, tips, tool kits and more for helping your child.
  • PALS (Parents as Liaisons in our Schools) - information and guidance needed in support of their child’s education.
  • Alaska Parent Involvement Recourse Center – (AKPIRC)

Websites that offer free educational programs and games
Disney Family - book reviews|1&CurrPage=scholasticNews.jsp&TopicValue=Scholastic%20News – current news source for kids

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