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Middle School Activities

I. Fitness
A. Community involvement
B. Components of a workout
C. First aid/CPR
D. Health and skill related fitness
E. Nutrition
F. Stress management

II. Individual and dual sports
A. Aquatics
1. Boat safety
2 Diving
3. Red Cross
4. Swimming fitness
5. Synchronized
6. Water games
B. Archery
C. Badminton
D. Bowling
E. Golf
F. Gymnastics
1. Apparatus
2. Rhythmic
3. Stunts/pyramids
4. Tumbling
G. Handball
H. Ice skating
I. Pickleball
J. Running
1. Cross country
2. Walk/jog/run
K. Shuffleboard
L. Table tennis
M. Tennis
N. Track and field
O. Weight training
P. Wrestling

III. Team activities
A. Basketball
1. 1 vs. l
2. 2 vs. 2
3. 3 vs. 3
4. 5 vs. 5
B. Broomball
C. Field Hockey
D. Flag football
E. Floor hockey
F. Mini team lead-up games
G. Soccer
1. 3 vs. 3
2. 5 vs. 5
3. 11 vs. 11
H. Softball
1. 5 vs. 5
2. 10 vs. 10
I. Team handball
J. Volleyball
1. 3 vs. 3 (modified court)
2. 6 vs. 6

IV. Rhythms
A. Aerobic dance
B. Contra dance
C. Creative dance
D. Folk dance
E. Jazz dance
F. Line dance
G. Rope skipping
H. Social/contemporary dance
I. Square dance

V. Outdoor education
A. Cooperative games
B. Group initiative activities
C. Hunter safety
D. Orienteering
E. Project Adventure
F. Survival skills

VI. Other activities
A. Flickerball
B. Frisbee
C. Juggling
D. Kickball
E. Kite flying
F. Native Youth Olympics
G. New games
H. Officiating
I. Relays
J. Speedball
K. Ultimate Frisbee and football

VII. Aquatics (optional)
A. Basic strokes
B. Diving
C. Personal flotation devices
D. Personal safety
E. Tread water
F. Water safety
G. Water turns

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