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Frequently Asked Questions

Certified or Administrator

Do I have to have my certification before I can apply for a job? You do not have to have to have your Alaska Certification; you have to be eligible to obtain your Alaska Certification

How many years of service can I bring in?

  •  Teacher: KPBSD recognizes a maximum of 5 full years of contracted public school or accredited teacher experience.
  •  Administrator: KPBSD allows the amount of 7 years or their actual experience whichever is less.

If I have signed a contract with another district, can I still be interviewed or considered for a position? No

 What are the incentives for working at a fly in school?  

  • Travel - the price of 5 round trip commuter airline tickets from:
    1. Homer to Nanwalek, or Port Graham, or Seldovia respectively
    2. Kenai to Tyonek
    • The amount of these tickets will be reimbursed at two times in the school year. In December reimbursement for the amount of three tickets and in May the remaining amount for two tickets.
  • Moving expenses – With any new to district teacher coming from outside KPBSD, we will reimburse travel expenses up to $ 2000 dollars (receipts must be provided). For teachers currently in the district we will reimburse for one round trip flight prior to the startup of the school year.
  • Internet – Basic service, $ 50 dollars a month  
  • Rent – Each housing unit rents for $ 200 per month utilities included. If a teaching couple, or roommates are in one housing unit each person would share the $ 200 per month. 

Do we have teacher housing? Yes, teacher housing is available at these fly in schools (Port Graham, Nanwalek and Tyonek)  

Do we pay relocation costs?  *Moving expenses are paid for fly in schools only

What benefits are offered? Health Care Coverage, Life Insurance & Retirement Benefits (eligibility based on FTE)


  • Am I considered certified if I have an out of state certificate? No
  • Will I be reimbursed for my physical or TB test? No
  • Are substitute positions offered benefits? No


  • What is a paraprofessional?The ParaPro Assessment measures the reading, writing and basic math competencies of practicing and prospective paraprofessionals. In accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act, the ParaPro Assessment can be used to certify teacher’s aides and assistants in the instruction of these subjects to school children.
  • What are the requirements to be a Tutor? Two years (at least 48 credit hours) of post-secondary education in liberal arts, education, child development, or other appropriate field - official transcripts or highly qualified status with the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District must be on file at the KPBSD Human Resource Office.


  • When do I have to renew my volunteer application? Each July all volunteers are sent an email asking if they would like to resubmit their application to be a volunteer for the next school year. When you receive this email please follow instructions to resubmit your volunteer application.
  • What if I don’t want to provide a social security number or date of birth? The social security number and date of birth are necessary for us to complete a back ground check. If you do not want to type in your social security number and date of birth you may call our Human Resource office and provide them with the information.


  • When should I complete the forms and submit all documents needed for hire? As soon as you accept a position you will be emailed all necessary documentation to complete. Once the documentation is completed and returned to Human Resources you will then be given a hire date.
  • Will having references on file increase my chances for employment? You must have 3 confidential reference surveys in your application before you can be offered a position. However, if you do not have 3 confidential reference surveys it will not stop you from being interviewed.
  • When will I be contacted for an interview? Once the position has closed (no longer viewable on our website) the site administrator will review all submitted applications and select the applicants to interview. If you are selected for an interview the site administrator will contact you.
  • Will I be contacted if I am not selected for a position? If you are not selected for a position, you will receive an email letting you know the position has been filled.
  • What does it mean when a job posting says interim? An advertised interim position is for a current employee that is on an approved leave of absence.
  • Are there criminal offenses that will limit my job opportunities? Yes, a felony.
  • Will KPBSD accept paper applications? No
  • How do I submit a paper reference letter? You may fax, email or hand-deliver a reference letter to Human Resources and they will upload it into your application. In order for it to be considered CONFIDENTIAL it must come from the reference directly.
  • When does a job posting close that states “open until filled”? A position is required to remain open for a minimum of 5 business days. However, if a position is marked “open until filled” the site administrator has the option to close the position any time after the minimum 5 business days.
  • If I see another position I would like to apply for, do I need to complete another application? No, you can simply log into your application and select the position you are interested in, complete additional required pages in your application, and select “Finish & Submit”.
  • It says not submitted on my application by a job I am interested in, what does this mean? This means that you have not selected the “Finish & Submit” tab at the bottom left of the application. You will not be considered for the position if you do not have a date submitted next to the job you are interested in on your application.
  • How do I know if you have received my application? You will receive an email notification stating your application has been submitted for the position.
  • The Principal/Administrator has offered me a position, what happens next? You will be emailed a hire packet to complete and return to Human Resources as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: All answers are subject to change

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Human Resources – or 907-714-8888

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