Eligibility Check Dates

School Year 2018-2019

First Quarter   Second Quarter   Third Quarter   Fourth Quarter  
(E1) September 24, 2018
(Q1) **October 19, 2018
(E2) November 19, 2018
(S1) **December 21, 2018
(E3) February 4, 2019
(Q3) **March 8, 2019
(E4) April 15, 2019
(S2) **May 22, 2019

Students who are ineligible as a result of a 2nd semester failing grade or a GPA of less than 2.0 at the end of the second semester will begin their ineligibility immediately for any sport continuing into the summer and will continue through the first day that practice begins at that school for the sport in which that student participates in the fall and will run for three calendar weeks or two competitive events, whichever is longer. .

The eligibility dates, for schools on alternate academic calendars, i.e. Russian village and across the water K-12 schools, will be posted on their websites.

**End of quarter eligibility check date.