AR 2122 Superintendent of Schools - Job Description

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 2122



  1. A valid Alaska teaching and administrative certificate.
  2. A master's degree from an accredited college or university with specialization in the areas of administration, supervision, curriculum development, and evaluation of educational programs.
  3. At least five years' experience as a school administrator, preferably as a director of districtwide programs or member of a district administrative staff with direct staff responsibilities.
  4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

Reports to the Board


The Superintendent shall select, appoint, and otherwise control all District employees serving under him/her subject to approval of the Board. All other responsibilities and functions are derived from the Board. The enumeration of specific duties in this section, however, does not limit the Superintendent in the exercise of professional functions not otherwise specified or prohibited by Board regulation.


The Superintendent has statutory authority to administer the District in accordance with the policies prescribed by the Board.

Performance Responsibilities

  1. Serve as the administrative and executive officer of the Board.
  2. Recommend to the Board such policies and procedures that in his/her judgment are necessary for the efficient conduct of the schools and carrying into effect with the aid of his/her staff such policies and procedures as are authorized by the Board.
  3. With the assistance of the staff, prepare the annual budget and present it to the Board for consideration and approval. Supervise the expenditures of funds approved in the budget and provide regular financial reports to the Board.
  4. Have charge of all school sites, facilities, equipment, supplies, and records belonging to or under control of the District.
  5. Submit to the Board each year detailed reports setting forth information, facts and statistics as tend to show the condition and progress of the schools.
  6. Delegate duties and responsibilities to officers or employees employed by the District except where policy or regulations of the Board prohibit such delegation of authority (Work completed by subordinate officers or employees upon delegation by the Superintendent shall be deemed by the Board as having been done by the Superintendent, and failure to perform duties delegated shall be deemed by the Board as a failure of the Superintendent.)
  7. Adhere to standards for Alaska Administrators, including:

a. providing leadership for the organization,

b. guiding instruction and supporting an effective learning environment,

c. overseeing the implementation of curriculum,

d. coordinating services that support student growth and development,

e. providing for staffing and professional development to meet student learning needs,

f. using assessment and evaluation information about students, staff and the community in making decisions,

g. communicating with diverse groups and individuals with clarity and sensitivity,

h. acting in accordance with established laws policies, procedures and good business practices,

i. understanding the influence of social, cultural, political, and economic forces on the educational environment and uses this knowledge to serve the needs of children, families, and communities,

j facilitating the participation of parents and families as partners in the education of children.

8. Update Board on legal issues annually.

9. Participate in Board planning efforts, review of School District mission, and recommend new programs.

10. Orient new members to Board service and provide opportunities for Board education.



Reviewed 04/01/2019 


Revised: 04/01/19