E 9000b Administrator Selection Process

KPBSD Policy Manual

E 9000b

Role of Board and Members
Administrator Selection Process Protocol


Selection of a Site Administrator



Contact Information:


Sean Dusek, Superintendent

FAX: 907-262-9132 - Phone: 907-714-8888




  1. Administrator resigns/retires, position opens.
  2. Meeting held with staff, site council, PTA/PTO, public to discuss timeline input gathering and process.
    • Contact Person selected at site _____________________________.
  3. Input due regarding characteristics, priorities and possible questions by: _______________________________________________________________________
    • Site Councils, groups, individuals email or fax input to Superintendent.
  4. Role in recruitment.
  5. Files reviewed, pre-screened at District level using information from site.
  6. Interviews scheduled at site _______________________________.
    • Audience has opportunity for written input on each candidate.
    • Set slate of questions.
    • Internal candidates equal to external.
    • Names public once interviews begin.
    • Telephone interviews.
  7. Role in reference checks.
  8. Superintendent makes selection, opportunity for input at Board meeting.
    • Board acts on recommendation (action item).
    • If internal candidate already under contract, Board notified (public comment).
  9. Assistant principal vacancies will have modified process.
    • Pre-feedback step condensed.
    • Greater involvement of principal.
  10. Regional administrator and shared administrator vacancies will have modified process.  

Revised 06/04/18


Revised: 06/04/18