E 9130b Board Committees - Charter School Oversight Committee

KPBSD Policy Manual

E 9130b

Bylaws of the Board
 Name: Charter School Oversight Committee
 Department: Board of Education
 Focus Area: Charter Schools
 Membership: School Board Members with District Facilitator and School Administrators
 Type: Standing
 Meeting Dates: As needed
 Duration: Ongoing annually

Charter schools in Alaska are unique public schools. According to Alaska State Statutes, the local Board of Education serves as the authorizing agent for a charter school. Subsequently, charter schools answer directly to the local Board with limited oversight from District administration.

In response to increased administrative responsibilities placed on the Board by taking an active role in the management of charter schools, the Board created a Charter School Oversight Committee to:

  • Establish a yearly meeting schedule with agendas to meet the requirements of the charter school timeline and responsibility matrix.
  • Conduct an annual review of charter school performance.
  • Cooperate with the District and charter schools to establish a positive learning environment in shared facilities.
  • Schedule a public hearing with the School Board on proposed charter school applications.
  • Place charter school proposals on the regular School Board agenda.
  • Provide a recommendation for the School Board whether to approve or deny a charter school application.
  • Submit and make recommendations to the Board regarding contracts.
  • Investigate allegations of noncompliance with charter school contracts and make recommendations to the School Board.
  • Make recommendations to the School Board on charter school use of District facilities.


Revised: 06/04/18