E 9130c Board Committees - Information Committee

KPBSD Policy Manual

E 9130c

Bylaws of the Board

Name: Board Information Committee 

Department: Board of Education

Focus Area:Communications and State and Federal Legislation

Membership: Four board members appointed by the board president, one student representative elected annually by the district-wide student council

Type: Standing

Meeting Dates: As needed preceding school board meetings

Duration: Ongoing Annually

Congressional and legislative actions are of particular importance to the school district given the amount of funding they provide. With that in mind, it is appropriate for the district to remain vigilant in keeping track of legislation which has an impact upon the district.

Therefore, this committee will be charged with the responsibility of: working with the district administration to track legislation; reporting to the Board on legislation, providing testimony when appropriate; and lobbying legislators individually as warranted. 

This committee will communicate with the district administration to develop an official response to pending legislation.

In addition, this committee is charged to serve in an advisory capacity to strengthen communication efforts and help establish new avenues of support and communication with internal and external stakeholders.  The committee accomplishes their work specifically by review, advisement and support of the KPBSD Annual Strategic Communications Plan. Members of the community and staff are included in discussions on specific issues.


Revised: 02/03/2020