Agenda 09-08-08

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District
Board of Education Meeting Agenda
September 8, 2008 - 7:00 p.m.
Regular Meeting
Homer High School
600 E. Fairview Ave., Homer, Alaska

Mrs. Sammy Crawford, President
Mrs. Liz Downing, Vice President
Mr. Marty Anderson, Clerk
Mrs. Sunni Hilts, Treasurer
Dr. Nels Anderson
Mrs. Debra Mullins
Mrs. Debbie Brown
Mr. Bill Hatch
Ms. Lynn Hohl


3:30 p.m. Assessment Report - Accountability

4:00 p.m. Kaleidoscope Charter School Reapplication – Structure
4:15 p.m. Principal Teacher Positions – Structure
5:00 p.m. Hockey and Village Schools – Structure
5:25 p.m. Board Discussion

  1. Opening Activities
    1. Call to Order
    2. Pledge of Allegiance/National Anthem/ Alaska Flag Song
    3. District Mission Statement
    4. Roll Call
    5. Approval of Agenda
    6. Approval of Minutes/August 4, 2008
  1. Awards and Presentations Advocacy
    1. Laura Sheldon, McNeil Canyon Elementary Secretary
    2. DePatch, McNeil Canyon Elementary Teacher
  1. School Reports - Accountability
    1. Nanwalek School - Mrs. Cheryl Schweigert
    2. Homer High - Mrs. Rayna Duenas
  1. Public Presentations (3 minutes)
    (Items not on agenda, 3 minutes per speaker, 30 minutes aggregate)
  1. Hearing of Delegations (5 minutes)
    1. Project GRAD - Ms. Bonnie Powell
  1. Communications and Petitions
  1. Representative selected by the following: Advisory Committee, Site Councils and/or P.T.A., K.P.A.A., K.P.E.A., K.P.E.S.A., Borough Assembly (5 minutes)
  1. Superintendent's Report - Accountability
    1. Leadership Team Workplan
  1. Reports Accountability
    1. Finance Report - Mrs. Melody Douglas 
    2. Board Reports - Reports where members are officially representing the Board
    3. Board Worksession Report - Attendance noted
  1. Action Items (Board member comments should be concise and may be limited to speaking twice on a topic)
    1.                                                    Consent Agenda

      (1) Approval of New Teacher ContractsStructure
      (2) Approval of New Administrator ContractStructure
      (3) Approval of Nontenure Teacher Contracts – Structure
      (4) Approval of Requests for Leave of Absence - Support – Structure
      (5) Approval of Resignations - Structure

                                                               Instructional Support

            b.  Approval of Kaleidoscope Charter School Reapplication - Structure


            c.  Approval of AASB Core Resolutions - Vision

  1. First Reading of Policy Revisions
  1. Public Presentations/Comments (Individuals are limited to three minutes each on the topic(s) listed below or on any topic.)
  1. Future Business
  1. Board Comments (Individual Board member comments are limited to three minutes.)
  1. Executive Session (If needed)
  1. Adjourn
* * * * * * *
Copies of agenda items are available just prior to the meeting in the back of the room or visit our website at