Agenda 7-11-11

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District
Board of Education Meeting Agenda
July 11, 2011 - 7:00 p.m.
Regular Meeting
Borough Administration Building
148 N. Binkley, Soldotna, Alaska

Mr. Joe Arness, President
Mrs. Liz Downing, Vice President
Mrs. Sammy Crawford, Clerk
Mrs. Sunni Hilts, Treasurer
Mr. Marty Anderson
Ms. Lynn Hohl
Mr. Bill Holt
Mr. Tim Navarre
Mrs. Penny Vadla



  1. Opening Activities
    1. Call to Order
    2. Pledge of Allegiance/National Anthem/ Alaska Flag Song
    3. District Mission Statement
    4. Roll Call
    5. Approval of Agenda
    6. Approval of Minutes/June 6, 2011
                                     June 7, 2011 
  1. Awards and Presentations Advocacy
  1. School Reports - Accountability  
  1. Public Presentations (3 minutes) (Items not on agenda, 3 minutes per speaker, 30 minutes aggregate)
  1. Hearing of Delegations (5 minutes) – Vision
    1. U.S. Forest Service Feasibility of Biomass Heating at Seward Schools – Mr. Daniel Parrent  
  1. Communications and Petitions  
  1. Representative selected by the following: Advisory Committee, Site Councils and/or P.T.A., K.P.A.A., K.P.E.A., K.P.E.S.A., Borough Assembly (5 minutes) 
  1. Superintendent's Report - Accountability
    1. Site Council Evaluation Report 
  1. Reports Accountability
    1. Financial Report – Mr. Dave Jones
    2. Board Reports (Reports where members are officially representing the Board)  
    3. Board Worksession Report (Attendance noted)  
  1. Action Items (Board member comments should be concise and may be limited to speaking twice on a topic)
    1.                                                    Consent Agenda

      (1) Approval of 2011-2012 Board GoalsStructure
      (2) Approval of New Teacher Contracts Structure
      (3) Approval of Nontenured Teacher ContractsStructure
      (4) Approval of Proposed Exchange RequestStructure
      (5) Approval of Budget TransfersStructure
      (6) Approval of Administrative Recommendation Regarding Leave of Absence-CertifiedStructure 

    2. Superintendent  
    3. Approval of Revisions to AR 0410, Non Discrimination in District Programs and Activities; BP 0411, Service Animals; BP 1260, Visits to Schools; BP 3315, Relations with Vendors; BP 4030, Non Discrimination in Employment; BP and AR 5125, Student Records; BP 6145, Extracurricular and Cocurricular Activities - BP/AR 6159 Individualized Education Program; BP/AR/E 6161.4, Acceptable Use Policy/Internet Safety Policy; BP 6164.4, Child Find; BP 6174, Bilingual-Bicultural Education/Limited English Proficiency; BP 6175 Migrant Children ProgramStructure 
    4. Approval of Budget Revision for FY12 Structure 
    5. Approval of Grant Application for Alaska Energy Authority Through the Renewable Energy Fund Grant Program – Vision 
Instructional Services 
    1. Approval of Administrator EvaluationStructure 
    1. Approval of Superintendent’s ContractStructure 
  1. First Reading of Policy Revisions 
  1. Public Presentations/Comments (Individuals are limited to three minutes each on the topic(s) listed below or on any topic.) 
  1. Board Comments (Individual Board member comments are limited to three minutes.) 
  1. Executive Session (If needed) 
  1. Adjourn 
* * * * * * *

Copies of agenda items are available just prior to the meeting in the back of the room or visit our website at . Log on to the District website to listen to School Board meetings live or to find archived meetings. Email to make a comment about any item on the agenda (comments will be reviewed for appropriateness and length) . 

Persons with disabilities who need accommodations to participate should contact Sally Tachick at 907-714-8836, or e-mail no later than three business days before the meeting date.