BB 9121 President

KPBSD Policy Manual

BB 9121

Bylaws of the Board

The president shall have all the rights of any member of the Board, including the right to discuss, and vote on all questions before the Board, in accordance with Board policy.

The president shall also perform duties as directed by the Board, state laws, regulations and Board policy, including the duty to:

  1. Preside at all School Board meetings according to the guidelines of Robert's Rules of Order, latest revision.
  2. Sign all instruments, acts, and orders necessary to carry out requirements, business, and will of the Board, including signing of Board minutes.
  3. Consult with the Superintendent on the preparation of the Board's agendas, in accordance with Board policy.
  4. Appoint and disband all committees, subject to Board approval.
  5. Call such meetings of the Board as he/she may deem necessary, giving notice as prescribed by law.
  6. Excuse Board member absences from regular Board meetings.
    (cf. 9223 - Board Vacancies)
  7. Confer with the Superintendent on crucial matters which may occur between Board meetings.
  8. Share informational mail with other Board members.
  9. Issue statements of policy and actions as officially expressed by the Board, in the name of the Board.
  10. Represent the Board, or appoint another Board member to represent the Board at official community and school functions.
  11. Represent the Board, or appoint another Board member to represent the Board, with the media.
  12. Appoint members to represent the Board on various agency boards or committees, with the agreement of a majority of the Board.
  13. The president shall be an ex-officio member of all Board committees.
  14. Certify or attest to actions taken by the Board, as required.
  15. Authorize Board member travel in accordance with Board goals and budget, with the agreement of the majority of the Board.
  16. Shall facilitate the Board's evaluation of the Superintendent.

When the president is absent or temporarily unable to perform the duties, the vice president shall perform the president's duties. The line of succession for performing the president's duties is vice president, clerk and then treasurer. In the absence of all officers, the most senior experienced member of the Board will assume the duties of president.

(cf.9120 - Officers and Auxiliary Personnel)
(cf.9320 - Meetings)
(cf.9322 - Agenda/Meeting Materials)

Legal Reference:

14.14.070 Organization of school bo


Revised: 06/04/18