BB 9230 Orientation

KPBSD Policy Manual

BB 9230

Bylaws of the Board

The Board invites all Board candidates to attend public Board meetings during the period of their candidacy so that insofar as possible, new members will be prepared to discuss and cast informed votes on matters before the Board from the time that they are sworn into office.

The Superintendent will provide information to all candidates about District activities and school programs in a public orientation session.

The Board and the Superintendent shall help each newly elected member to understand District operations and the Board's functions, policies and procedures as soon after election as possible. Incoming members are encouraged to read the Board's policies and informational materials on the function of the Board and the school system, to visit school facilities, and to meet with the Superintendent or designee and Board president, as needed, to become oriented to Board service.

(cf.9240 - Board Development )

Legal Reference:

14.14.160 Cooperation and support of certain association functions


Revised: 06/04/18