BB 9320 Meetings

KPBSD Policy Manual

BB 9320

Bylaws of the Board

Meetings of the Board are conducted for the purpose of accomplishing District business. A meeting of the Board shall consist of any gathering of the members of the Board when more than three members of the Board, or a majority of the members, whichever is less, are present and collectively consider a matter upon which the Board is empowered to act. As a matter of District policy and state law, meetings ordinarily shall be open to the public. The Board may meet in closed sessions only to discuss certain matters as permitted or required by Alaska's Open Meetings Act.

(cf. 9321 Executive Sessions)

Reasonable public notice shall be given for all meetings of the Board in accordance with law and District practice, and shall be posted online and at the District Office before the meeting. Such notice shall include the date, time and place of the meeting and, if the meeting is by teleconference, the location of any teleconferencing facilities that will be used.

Work sessions prior to regular meetings as well as work on other committees are included as part of the expectations for Board service. 

(cf. 9322 - Agenda/Meeting Materials) (cf. 9323 - Meeting Conduct)

Regular Meetings 

The Board shall adopt a yearly calendar specifying the date, time and place of each regular meeting.  The local media shall be provided with the annual calendar of regular Board meetings and shall be notified of any changes to the calendar.

The Board may hold 2 regular meetings each month. Unless changed by the Board, regular meetings shall be held at 6:00 p.m. at Borough Assembly Chambers. Notice of regular meetings shall be advertised as required by state law.

Work sessions 

Work sessions shall be conducted as necessary on items for School Board member knowledge. Work sessions are public meetings. Public members may participate at the invitation of the Board President. A summary is given during the regular Board meeting.

Special Meetings 

Special meetings of the Board may be called by the presiding officer or a majority of the Board members.

Except in the case of an emergency, notice of special meetings shall be provided at least 24 hours before the meeting. This notice shall specify the date, time, place and, if the meeting is by teleconference, the location of any teleconferencing facilities that will be used. Such notice shall be given to all Board members, the Superintendent and to the local news media. This notice also shall be posted  online and at the District Office at least 24 hours before the meeting.

Notice of a special meeting shall include a statement of the purpose of the meeting. No business may be transacted at this special meeting, other than that which is specifically stated in the notice of the meeting. 

Emergency Special Meetings 

The Board president shall give notice of an emergency special meeting to the local media by telephone before the meeting. If telephone services are not functioning, the notice requirement is waived. In that event, as soon after the meeting as is practicable, the Board shall notify the local media that the meeting was held and shall describe the purpose of the meeting and any action taken by the Board.

Remote Participation

Recognizing the inherent responsibility and statutory duties of the School Board members, the School Board expects School Board members to attend and participate at meetings of the School Board. Though great importance is given to the physical presence of School Board members at meetings, the attendance and participation of members remotely is authorized whenever physical presence is not practicable.  Members participating remotely shall cast votes verbally or, in the event of a roll call vote, via online voting through the current eGovernance software (i.e. BoardDocs).

1. Board members shall be allowed to participate remotely, and vote using interactive display technology or telephone, at board meetings.  

2.If a board member participates in a board meeting remotely, the official minutes will reflect that the board member participated remotely.

3.If a board member participates in an executive session remotely, the board member is responsible to make sure that there is no one else in the room or who can otherwise overhear the discussion, and will confirm this at the start of the meeting.

4.The physical location of a board member who participates via electronic means, is not required to be accessible to the public unless so designated.

5.The board member shall notify the administrative assistant to the board at least one week prior to the meeting, unless extenuating circumstances exist.

6.Remote participation in regular meetings is limited to two times per school year starting in October.

7.Any exceptions to the above require board approval.


Legal Reference:

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14.14.080 Declaring a school board vacancy
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Revised: 11/05/2018