E 9000a Role of Board and Members

KPBSD Policy Manual

E 9000a

Bylaws of the Board
Role of Board and Members
  1. Board Members to Administrative Staff:

    Board member questions can be divided, usually, into two categories:
    1. Requests for simple facts. These questions may properly be addressed to an administrative staff member.
    2. Complaints regarding personnel. The concern should be privately communicated to the Superintendent
  2. Administrative Staff to Board Members:
    Administrative staff questions should be addressed to the individual's superior and follow the "chain of command" upward.

  3. Board to Principals:
    School visits by Board members are welcomed, but the principal should receive a courtesy call in advance. As with all visitors, office check-in is necessary once on the site. Board members who visit schools of their own volition have no more authority than any other citizen.

  4. Principals to Board:
    Inquiries from principals or questions about school problems should be addressed to a member of senior management. One of these individuals will then notify the Superintendent/Board, if appropriate.

  5. Non-administrative Employees to Central Office Administration:
    Inquiries or concerns about school issues should be addressed to the individuals superior and follow the "chain of command". The building supervisor should be copied on responses from District Office to employees.


Revised: 06/04/18