AR 0510 School District Report Card

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 0510

Philosophy-Goals-Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

 In accordance with AS 14.03.120, the principal or designee shall annually prepare a report on his/her school's performance and the performance of the school's students.  The report shall be presented to parents, students, and community members at a public meeting and forwarded to the Superintendent.  The district shall disseminate by September 15th and report to the Board by the October meeting. The Superintendent shall then provide to the local school board, the Department of Education and Early Development, and make available to the public, a report on the performance of District schools and students. 

The school and District reports shall be made on forms prescribed by the State Department of Education and Early Development and shall include:

1. the accreditation status of the school;

2. the number and percent of District students in the top and bottom quarter of standardized norm-referenced achievement examinations and the national percentile of the mean normal curve equivalent;

3. student academic achievement at the basic, proficient and advanced levels on state assessments, disaggregated by subgroups:
• economically disadvantaged students,
• students from each major racial and ethnic group,
• children with disabilities,
• LEP students,
• student gender,
• student’s migrant status;

4. the number and percent of students tested who are in each of the proficiency categories for the state standards-based assessments as required by AS 14.03.123
5. a description of student, parent, community, and business involvement in student learning, including the number and percent of students and parents, respectively, who responded to the teacher evaluation survey; the number of school/business or interagency partnerships; the average number of volunteer hours a week spent in the school; and a narrative
description of the results of parental, community, and business involvement;

6. attendance, retention, dropout, and graduation rates, including the number and percent of students receiving a diploma under a waiver;

7. the annual percent change in enrollment and the percent of enrollment change due to student transfers into and out of the District;

8.  the performance designation assigned the school under AS 14.03.123;

9. a summary of student, parent, and community member comments on the school's performance, including the number of persons commenting;

10. the number and percentage of schools identified for school improvement; how long the schools have been so identified;

11. for districts receiving Title I funds, the number and percentage of schools identified for school improvement; how long the schools have been so identified; and how students achieved on a statewide academic assessment compared to students in the state as a whole.  20 U.S.C. § 6311 (h)(2).  For each school served under Title I, the District must determine and publicize annually whether the school is making adequate yearly progress. 20 U.S.C. § 6316(a)(1)(C);

12. if Native language education is provided, a summary and evaluation of the curriculum described in AS 14.30.420;

13.  without disclosing personally identifiable information, the number and percentage of students in each school who take and successfully complete an alternative assessment program in reading, English, or mathematics; and the number and percentage of pupils in each school who successfully complete the alternative assessment program but who do not reach the state performance standards at the competency exam level in reading, English, or mathematics; and

14.  other indicators of school performance selected by the District or required by state regulation.


Legal Reference:

20 U.S.C. § 6316(a)(1)(C) Academic assessment and local educational agency and school improvement.


Revised: 08/04/2014