BP 0530 Criteria for Closing Schools

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 0530

Philosophy-Goals-Objectives & Comprehensive Plans

Consideration will be given to closing and/or consolidating schools in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District when declining enrollment reaches a point at which continued operation of all buildings would result in detrimental effects on a part or the District's entire educational program, and would result in adverse effects on the financial management of the District. 


  1. Enrollment capacity – This consideration will include minimum needed enrollment for purposes of providing or scheduling effective, comprehensive educational programs. 
  2. Student displacement – This will include both the number of students involved and the severity of the effects of the displacement. Positive as well as negative effects will be considered. 
  3. Permanency of decision – This will include consideration of economic and demographic trends in the affected area. 
  4. Financial factors – This will include possible loss of revenue to the District as a result of closing, as well as potential savings for the District due to building maintenance and operation. 

Criteria for Closing Schools Due to Enrollment of Less than Ten Students. 

Once a school has fewer than ten students at the close of the twenty day count period, the Superintendent will recommend to the Board either that the school stay in operation or close during the current year. If a school has fewer than ten students for one year, the school WILL be closed for the following school year in the absence of unique circumstances as documented by the Superintendent. If the Board approves the recommendation to close a school, or a school is scheduled for closure due to low enrollment, then the administration will present a closure plan, at least one month in advance of the scheduled closure, which follows the procedures for discontinuation of a school detailed in 4 AAC.05.090. 


  1. Permanency of decision – This will include consideration of enrollment projections and demographic trends. 
  2. Financial factors – Potential net savings will be determined as they relate to personnel, maintenance, and operating costs. Loss of separate site status and the accompanying loss of funding will also be considered. 
  3. Educational alternatives – This will include the location of the school in relation to other schools student might attend. 

Legal Reference 


4 AAC.05.090 Discontinuation or closure of schools 



Adoption Date: 01/09/2012