E 9322 Order of Business

KPBSD Policy Manual

E 9322


Order of business for all regular meetings at which the Board may take action and hears reports.

1.   Opening Activities

A.   Call to Order

B.   Pledge of Allegiance/The National Anthem or the Alaska Flag Song

C.   District Mission Statement

D.   Roll Call

E.   Approval of Agenda

F.   Approval of Minutes

2.   Awards and Presentations

3.   School Reports

4.   Public Presentations/Comments (3 minutes)

      Items not on the agenda (3 minutes per speaker, 30 minutes aggregate).

5.   Hearing of Delegations (5 minutes)

      The person authorized by a group may comment for up to five (5) minutes on any item not on the agenda.  The president may modify the time allocated to hearing of delegations.

6.   Communications and Petitions

7.   Representatives selected by the following: Advisory Committee, Site Council and/or. Authorized Student Support Organizations, K.P.A.A., K.P.E.A., K.P.E.S.A., Borough Assembly

8.   Superintendent's Report

9.   Reports

Board Reports – Reports where members are officially representing the Board

Committee Reports

Board Worksession Report – Attendance noted

10. Consent Agenda

      A, B, C

11.  Action Items

A, B, C, D

Any member of the public may comment for up to three minutes on an action item prior to Board vote.  The president may modify the time allocated to hearing public comment.

Board member comments should be concise and may be limited to speaking twice on a topic.

12. First Reading

13. Public Presentations/Comments

      Individuals are limited to three minutes each.

14. Board Comments

15. Executive Session (if needed)

16. Adjourn

17.  General Information Packet




Revised: 06/04/18