AR 5128 Alaska Performance Scholarship Program

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 5128


The Alaska Performance Scholarship Program provides scholarships for high school graduates who are Alaska residents to attend a qualified postsecondary institution in the State of Alaska. The District is required to determine student eligibility for the three levels of scholarships available. The District must then notify the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development of each qualifying student’s eligibility.

Eligibility Determinations

The principal or designee of each high school shall determine scholarship eligibility for each graduating student by application of the following criteria.

A. Course Work Requirements

The Alaska Performance Scholarship may be awarded based on a student’s completion of either a math and science curriculum track, or a social studies and language curriculum track.

2014 Curriculum Requirements

2014 graduates must meet the following curriculum requirements to qualify for all scholarship levels (Achievement, Performance, and Honors):

Math and Science Curriculum:  

1) Math – 4 units of credit

2) Science – 4 units of credit

3) Language arts – 4 units of credit

4) Social studies – 4 units of credit, one of which may be a foreign or Alaska Native language, fine arts, or cultural heritage

Social Studies and Language Curriculum

1) Math – 3 units of credit

2) Science – 3 units of credit

3) Language arts – 4 units of credit

4) Social studies – 4 units of credit

5) Foreign, Alaska Native or American sign language – 2 units of credit

B. Grade Point Average and Standardized Examination Scores

In addition to the curriculum requirements above, students must meet certain GPA and standardized examination score requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to provide proof of results achieved on one of the standardized examinations required for scholarship eligibility. GPA and test scores determine a student’s level of eligibility for each of the three scholarships set forth below:

1. Alaska Performance Honors Scholarship  

Grade Point Average: 3.5 or higher

Test Scores: ACT composite score of 25 or higher; or
SAT combined score of 1680 or higher; or
A combined WorkKeys score of 13 or higher, with no single score lower than 4, in each of the following:

1. applied mathematics

2. reading for information

3. locating information

2. Alaska Performance Achievement Scholarship

Grade Point Average: 3.0 or higher

Test Scores: ACT composite score of 23 or higher; or

SAT combined score of 1560 or higher; or

WorkKeys score of 13 or higher, with no single score lower than 4, in each of the following:

1. applied mathematics

2. reading for information

3. locating information

3. Alaska Performance Opportunity Scholarship

Grade Point Average: 2.5 or higher

Test Scores: ACT composite score of 21 or higher; or

SAT combined score of 1450 or higher; or

WorkKeys score of 13 or higher, with no single score lower than 4, in each of the following:

1. applied mathematics

2. reading for information

3. locating information

Notice to Parents/Guardians of Eligibility Determination

The principal or designee shall provide notice to all parents/guardians, or to students if 18 or older, of the eligibility determination. The notice should also explain how a parent/guardian or eligible student may challenge this determination.

Permanent Record

Once eligibility levels are determined, the District will record the level of eligibility on each qualifying student’s permanent record. No notation should be made for those students who are not eligible for a scholarship award.

Annual Transmittal of Records

No later than July 15 of each year, the District will transmit an electronic version of each graduating student’s permanent record that describes the student’s eligibility for the Alaska Performance Scholarship Program. This is a mandatory reporting obligation and parents/students may not opt out of this disclosure.

Appeal Procedures

The District provides the following appeal process for students who believe an error has been made regarding a student’s eligibility for an Alaska Performance Scholarship. A student can request that the District review the determination of whether or not he or she is eligible or, if eligible, the level of scholarship available.

A. Appeal Form

To request an appeal, a student must complete the E 5128 Alaska Performance Scholarship Appeal Form. The form requires:

1. Name, mailing address, and contact information;

2. Eligibility information in the form of official examination scores and an official transcript indicating courses taken and GPA;

3. A statement explaining why the student believes the eligibility determination is in error; and

4. All documents, papers, or other materials that support a reversal or modification of the eligibility determination.

Students who have questions about the form or require assistance should contact a counselor or principal at the student’s high school.

Students must complete the Appeal Form and provide supporting documents as soon as possible after receiving notice of his or her eligibility determination. No appeals will be considered unless submitted within thirty (30) days of receiving the District’s eligibility determination, absent unusual circumstances that prevented a timely appeal.

B. Appeal Process

1. Student submits the completed Appeal Form and supporting documentation to the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction.

2. The District will designate a reviewer to review and decide the appeal.

3. The reviewer will consider all information submitted and issue a determination of whether or not the student meets scholarship eligibility, and if eligible, the student’s level of eligibility.

4. The reviewer’s determination is the final decision of the District.

5. Notice of the district’s decision will be sent to the student no later than thirty (30) days after the student submits a timely appeal.

6. If the reviewer determines that scholarship eligibility was incorrect, the District will notify the Alaska Performance Scholarship Program of the correct eligibility determination and revise the student’s transcript to correctly identify APS eligibility.

 Waiver and

Grace Period

The District should notify appropriate students about the availability of a waiver and grace period that may be granted by the Alaska Commissioner of Education. The Commissioner may grant a student a temporary waiver of the course work requirements and a grace period to meet those requirements. The grace period gives a student twenty-four months after graduation to complete the curriculum requirements. During the grace period, the student is eligible for the scholarship.

To qualify for a waiver and grace period, a student must:

1. Apply using DEED’s form no later than 30 days following graduation;

2. Have attained the required assessment scores and GPA; and

3. Be unable to complete the curriculum requirements because of “circumstances beyond the student’s control.” This includes the curriculum not being reasonably available because the student attended a small remote high school, but does not include attendance at a high school out of state. It also includes illness or disability.

Student Sponsorship

If a District graduate has been granted a grace period and elects not to enroll in a qualifying college or post-secondary program during that period, the school District may sponsor the student. A sponsored student will be allowed to enroll for the purpose of obtaining the missing curriculum requirements. A sponsored student will be included in the District’s count for funding purposes so long as the student is under age 20 at the time of enrollment.


Adoption Date: 11/04/2013