BP 6145.22 Concussion in Student Athletics and Student Activities

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 6145.22


The Board recognizes that students who participate in sports and other recreational activities are at risk for concussion. The Board promotes student, parent, and staff awareness of the risks of concussion and directs appropriate concussion management procedures to improve the health and safety of student athletes.

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury resulting from a forceful blow to the head or body that results in rapid movement of the head, causing any change in behavior, thinking, or physical functioning. The likelihood of serious injury increases when a concussion is not properly identified, evaluated, and managed.

(cf. 6145 Cocurricular Activities)

(cf. 5141 Health Care and Emergencies)

Risk Awareness and Education  

The Superintendent will develop appropriate concussion management procedures to help ensure a safe and healthy athletic experience. These procedures shall include guidelines and other information to educate coaches, student athletes, and their parents/guardians of the nature and risk of concussion, including the dangers associated with returning to play before a concussion is fully healed.

On an annual basis, the District will distribute a concussion fact sheet (E 6145.22(1) A Parent’s Guide to Concussion in Sports) to students participating in District-sponsored sports, and to their parents/guardians. The student and parent/guardian must return a signed, written acknowledgement (E 6145.22(2) ASAA Parent and Student Acknowledgement and Consent) indicating they have reviewed and understand the information. The E 6145.22(2)must be signed and received by the coach prior to the athlete’s participation in any District-sponsored practice or competition.

Removal and Return-To-Play

The Superintendent’s guidelines will include procedures for the immediate removal from practice or competition of a student who has signs of concussion. A student who has been removed from participation may not return to the activity until evaluated and cleared to do so by a qualified person who is trained in the evaluation and management of concussions, as established by law. Because of the risks of returning to play prematurely, a student should gradually be returned to the activity.

Coaches Training

All coaches, including volunteer coaches, will complete training in the evaluation and management of concussions as specified in District procedures.

Legal Reference:


        AS 14.30.142 Concussions in student athletes: prevention and reporting

        AS 14.30.143 Concussions in student athletes: school district immunity


Adoption Date: 1/13/2013