Series 9000 Designee List

In each of the following policies, regulations or exhibit, the word “superintendent” is used to refer to the superintendent or “designee”. In each of the references of the term “superintendent” the designee is listed below:

Policy/Regulation/Exhibit Designee
BB 9000 Role of Board and Members (includes powers, purposes, duties) Superintendent
E 9000 Role of Board and Members (includes powers, purposes, duties)  
Item 2: "The concern should be privately communicated to the Superintendent."
Item 3: "These questions should be addressed to the Superintendent."
Senior Management
Paragraph IV. "On of these individuals will then notify the Superintendent/Board..."
Senior Management
Item 8: "Superintendent makes selection..."
BB 9010 Public Statements Senior Management
BB 9121 President Senior Management
BB 9130 Board Subcommittees Senior Management
BB 9230 Orientation Senior Management
BB 9270 Conflict of Interest Superintendent
E 9271 Code of Ethics Senior Management
BB 9310 Policy Manual Senior Management
BB 9311 Board Policies Senior Management
BB 9312 Board Bylaws Senior Management
BB 9313 Administrative Regulations Senior Management
BB 9314 Suspension of Policies, Bylaws, Administrative Regulations Senior Management
BB 9320 Board Meetings (includes posting requirements) Senior Management
BB 9322 Agenda/Meeting Materials (includes construction, posting, advance delivery) Assistant Superintendents
BB 9323 Meeting Conduct Senior Management
BB 9400 Board Self-Evaluation Superintendent
Revised 06/04/18