BP 1230 Advisory Committees

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 1230

Community Relations

The School Board recognizes that advisory committees enable both citizens and educators to better understand the attitudes and opinions held in the school and community.

As the need arises, the Board may establish advisory committees to consider school problems, needs and issues.  Advisory committees shall serve in a strictly advisory capacity and shall not act as policy-making bodies.

(cf. 0420- School-Based Decision Making/Site Councils)

Committee members shall represent a cross section of qualified people throughout the district, except in those cases where a committee is established to address the needs of a particular segment of the school community.  With Board approval, the Superintendent may appoint committee members.

When committees are appointed, committee members shall receive a written statement including, but not be limited to:

  1. The committee members' names.
  2. The specific charges of the committee, including its topic(s) for study or well-defined area(s) of activity.
  3. The specific period of time that the committee is expected to serve.
  4. Legal requirements regarding meeting conduct and public notifications.
  5. Resources available to help the committee complete its tasks.
  6. Timelines for progress reports and/or final report.
  7. Relevant Board policies and administrative regulations.
  8. The procedure to be used in the selection of the committee chairperson and other committee officers.

The Board shall have the sole power to dissolve any of its advisory committees and may exercise this power at any time.

Advisory committees established by Board action shall provide public notice of their meetings and conduct such meetings in accordance with the state open meetings laws for such committees.  All major conclusions and recommendations made by advisory committees shall be made available to the public on-line.

(cf.9130- Board Committees)

Administrative Advisory Committees

The Superintendent may establish advisory committees to advise the administration.

The Superintendent shall provide the Board with a final report of each committee's accomplishments and shall provide summary reports and appraisals of administrative advisory committees as requested by the Board.

Expenses, Travel, Reimbursement

The Board may allocate funds for the use of advisory committees.  Within budget allocations, the Superintendent may approve requests for travel associated with the charge of the committee and reimburse committee members for travel expenses as provided for District employees.

(cf.4133/4233- Travel Expenses)

Legal Reference:


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14.12.035  Advisory school boards in borough school districts

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4 AAC 34.060  Parent and community involvement
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Reference  - School -Based Decision Making process adopted 1995


Revised: 11/05/2018