BP 6141 Curriculum Development

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 6141


The School Board shall provide a comprehensive instructional program to serve the educational needs of the District's students. The Board accepts responsibility for establishing what students should learn. Therefore, the Board shall adopt a District curriculum which, to the extent possible, reflects the desires of the community, the needs of society, and the requirements of law.

Curriculum development and improvement is of primary importance and as such will be part of an ongoing process in this District. The Superintendent shall have general coordinating authority over the design and development of curriculum. The Superintendent shall develop a process for curriculum review and development which shall include the participation of teachers, administrators, students (as appropriate) and parents/guardians. The Board recognizes that effective curriculum development requires the planned allocation of resources, staff time and inservice training.

(cf.6161.1- Selection of Instructional Materials)

The curriculum shall be consistent with and aligned to established state standards and the philosophy, goals and objectives of the District. The Superintendent shall keep the Board informed regarding current District curriculum efforts and student achievement. The Superintendent shall provide all necessary assistance to the Board in reviewing reports, information and data on each curriculum area for evaluation and adoption by the Board. Prior to adoption, a work session will be convened with the Board and the curriculum committee. The curriculum committee shall discuss its findings with the staff, community and students.

The Board shall adopt a curriculum review cycle for each area of the curriculum which shall serve as the timeline for District wide curriculum development. The Board shall review each core acadmic area at least once every six years.

Teachers are to align their teaching to District standards and curriculum.

(cf. 6190 Evaluation of Instructional Programs)

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Revised: 7/09/2012