AR 5121 Assessment (Evaluation of Student Achievement)

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 5121

ASSESSMENT (Evaluation of Student Achievement)

Opportunities should be given for a student to demonstrate ability in all areas of a given subject. The evaluation of student performance will ensure that the student, teacher, and the parents can monitor progress toward the educational goals of a particular course of study.

Whenever it becomes evident to a teacher that a student is in danger of failing or not proficient in a subject, the teacher shall send a written report, personally contact the student’s parent/guardian regarding the student’s possible failure, and may request a conference with the student’s parent/guardian.

No student shall be failed/not proficient in a subject unless his/her parent guardian has been sent a verifiable, written notification and personal contact of the possible failure/not being proficient.

Site administration will be kept informed and updated by the teacher throughout this process.

This policy shall be summarized in the Parent/Student Handbook annually. Employees will also be notified annually. 



Revised: November 4, 2019