AR 6141 Curriculum Development

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 6141


The curriculum organization system shall be the basis for the curriculum organization and is included as the final page of this regulation. That system requires that curriculum be based upon identified and adopted program standards and assessment consistent with the District assessment policy. The District assessment policy will define the manner in which the adopted District performance objectives are being achieved and the degree to which those objectives assure achievement of the District mission statement and beliefs.

Curriculum Review and Development

The Superintendent shall conduct activities which routinely evaluate, review, revise or develop curricula for use in District schools. The objective of these actions is to maintain and improve an articulated kindergarten through Grade 12 curriculum.

To accomplish this objective, the Superintendent shall involve teachers, administrators and other stakeholders in activities which accomplish the following tasks within a defined cycle:

  1. Review, revise and implement District curricula in scheduled content areas;
  2. Review, revise and implement assessments for basic skills content areas;
  3. Review and select instructional materials which are free of sex bias to support the curricula;
  4. Evaluate curriculum, assessment processes and instructional materials;
  5. Provide for community participation in the curriculum development process;
  6. Provide curriculum related staff development programs which assist teachers in using approved curricula.

Legal Reference:

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Revised: 7/09/2012