AR 6141.4 Assessment

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 6141.4


Student assessments will be administered at two levels: the District level and the building level.

Curriculum/assessment committees will recommend the assessment process for grade levels/subject areas. Committees will use the Goals for Student Learning as the foundation for developing assessments. Assessment systems for grade level/subject areas may include a performance component. These assessments may include but are not limited to: writing assessments and portfolios.

The District will provide appropriate training for implementation of the assessment and curriculum processes.

All certified staff members will be responsible for teaching and assessing the curriculum.

Reporting Process

District: Results of the assessments will be distributed to parents, students, and staff. A summary report of the assessments will be made to the Board annually. Building specific test scores will be available except for those schools with less than 100 students.

Building: Each building will provide a summary report of their assessments to its staff, site-based council, parent organization, and the curriculum office.

Administration, teachers, and site-based councils will use assessment data to promote instructional improvement.

Test results will provide information for restructuring curriculum.


Adoption Date: 1/16/06