BP 6145 Cocurricular Activities

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 6145


The School Board recognizes that cocurricular activities enrich the educational and social development and experiences of students and shall maintain a program for student participation in extra/cocurricular activities which compliments the integrity and purpose of the educational program.

(cf.6153- School-sponsored Trips)

Activities, as defined in this policy, include but are not limited to academic, practical arts, fine arts, and physical sport competitions.

Activities shall be tailored to the academic, physical, mental, emotional and social maturity levels of the youth participating in them. We believe each student should have an opportunity to participate in a broad number of activities based on his/her own talents and interests. It is the intent of the District to encourage participation in activities. District sponsored activities shall be approved by the Board, administered according to the appropriate policies and procedures, and supervised by the building administrator.

Emphasis shall be given to the ideals of intellectual challenge, sportsmanship, fair play, and ethical conduct by students, coaches or advisors, and spectators.

Participation in activities is a privilege to be granted to those students who meet the minimum standards of eligibility adopted by the District and those additional standards established by each school for its own students.

The Board shall maintain general control over all aspects of interscholastic policies, programs and activities in the District, including eligibility, seasons, number of activities, personnel, and facilities. The Superintendent shall be responsible to the Board for District compliance with federal and state law.


Elementary: The primary goal of all elementary cocurricular programs shall be the involvement of the maximum numbers of participants. Individual involvement, intellectual challenge, the principles of sportsmanship, teamwork, and commitment shall be emphasized while developing skills relative to the programs offered. The concept of 'having fun' in a safe and healthy environment should be considered the first priority.

Activities will be primarily intramural in nature and travel for elementary activities will not be funded by the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District .

Middle Level: The primary goal of the middle level cocurricular program is to encourage student participation and to afford individual students the opportunity to further develop the skills required to participate in their chosen activities.

Priority should be given to the development of individual abilities while emphasizing the concept of ˜having fun' in a safe and healthy environment within the framework of furthering the principles of intellectual challenge, sportsmanship, teamwork, and commitment to a goal.

The District provides opportunities for students to participate in cocurricular activities with emphasis on intramural activities. Interscholastic programs will be conducted in conjunction with an intramural activity as appropriate.

High School: The primary goal of the high school cocurricular program is to involve students in District sponsored activities that serve their interests and talents. These programs should promote positive attitudes through active participation, individual improvement, healthy competition, and the involvement of the community.

High school cocurricular programs focus on interscholastic competition as appropriate. Emphasis shall be given to intellectual challenge, skill development, principles of sportsmanship, team work, commitment to a goal, and 'having fun' in a safe and healthy environment.

Interschool activity programs shall be conducted in accordance with law, policy, school handbooks and the:

  • Elementary Activities Handbook,
  • Junior High Activities Handbook, or
  • High School Activities Handbook

Activities handbooks shall be reviewed by the Kenai Peninsula Student Activities Association and approved annually by the Board.

(cf.5144 - Discipline)
(cf.6145.2 - Interscholastic Competition)

The Superintendent shall facilitate the opportunity for transitioning military children's participation in cocurricular activities, regardless of application deadlines, to the extent they are otherwise qualified.

Participation By Students Enrolled in Alternative Education Programs

The School Board welcomes the participation in extracurricular activities of eligible students who are enrolled full time in alternative education programs.  Participation is available to those students who would be permitted to enroll in the district based on the residency of the student's parent or legal guardian.  Students must meet the same eligibility requirements for participation in the activity as district students, and must provide all documentation required to confirm eligibility.  Participation is available in those interscholastic activities sanctioned by the Alaska School Activities Association that occur outside the regular curriculum.  Participation is not available in student government at a school. 

The alternative education program in which a student is enrolled must be located entirely in Alaska and must be a public secondary school that provides a nontraditional education program, including the Alaska Military Youth Academy; a public vocational, remedial, or theme-based program; an accredited home school program; a charter school; or a statewide correspondence school.  The student must be immunized as required by Alaska State Law and a copy of their current record of immunizations to be provided to the school. Additionally, the student must have a sports physical examination by their health care provider.
(cf. 5141.31 Immunizations)

The Board recognizes that good cause may exist for a student to participate in district extracurricular activities even if the student's parent or guardian does not reside within the district.  Students who attend an alternative education program full time and who otherwise meet the eligibility requirements for the extracurricular activity(ies) may apply to the district for participation despite the lack of residency.  Such a request must be submitted to the superintendent or designee with a written explanation of the good cause that exists.  Eligibility in this situation must be approved by the Board.  Unless the parent or eligible student's presence is requested at a meeting of the Board, the Board's decision will be based upon the written request submitted, including any recommendation by the superintendent or designee.  Board approval will be effective for the school year in which the student applies and may be renewed annually if the good cause continues to exist.

Legal Reference:

14.30.010 Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
14.30.365 Interscholastic activities; eligibility

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Revised: 11/04/2013