BP 6146.1 High School Graduation Requirements

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 6146.1


The purpose of graduation requirements is to set guidelines that will insure that each high school graduate is exposed to the depth and variety of learning experiences necessary for present and future social and economic goals.  Graduation requirements should be specific enough to direct students into major curricular areas and yet flexible enough to provide for individual student's abilities and needs.  Completion of these requirements should be viewed as a minimal educational experience to be enriched through the selection of additional courses. KPBSD is committed to ensuring that all students graduate from high school ready for adult life, college and/or career.

Time Requirements

Students must attend high school (Grades 9-12) for a period of four years, eight semesters, or sixteen quarters unless they receive Board approval for an alternative program.

Credit Requirements  

A total of 22 units composed of those requirements listed below.  A student who successfully completes District graduation requirements shall be issued a diploma upon completion of one of these assessments.

1. Language Arts - 4.0 credits

2. Mathematics - 3.0 credits

3. Social Studies - 3.0 credits (World History – 1.0, U.S. History – 1.0, Government – 0.5, Alaska Studies – 0.5)

Note: The three units of credit in social studies must include a .5 unit of credit in Alaska history or demonstration that the student meets the Alaska history performance standards. This requirement will not apply to a student who (1) transfers into the District after the student's second year of high school; or (2) has already successfully completed a high school state history course in another state. 4 AAC 06.075.

4. Science - 3.0 credits which must include 1.0 credit life science and 1.0 credit physical science.

5. Physical Education - 1.0 credit with the option of waiving .5 credit for cocurricular participation

6.  Health - .5 credit

7. Practical and/or Creative Arts - 3.0 credits of practical or creative arts with a minimum of .5 practical arts and .5 creative arts credit

8.  Electives - 4.5 credits or more may be taken as electives

Optional Methods Of Satisfying Physical Education Requirements 

Students shall be allowed to waive the elective .5 credit physical education graduation requirement through participation in, and completion in good standing of athletic activities sponsored by the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.  The student must substantiate that they have participated in a minimum of 4,050 minutes (67.5 hours) of the approved activity in order to receive a waiver. Such activities must be completed during a time period not to exceed a single school year and the preceding or following summer.

The student will not receive credit for the physical education waiver but rather, will have their elective physical education requirement decreased by .5 credit, thus enabling them to take additional courses in another area.  

Other activities outside of the School District, verified by a certified teacher employed by the District, may meet the waiver requirement provided the activity meets the same time requirements as listed above.

Vigorous athletic activities not sponsored by the District may be considered for a waiver if students meet the minimum time requirements and are supervised by a certified teacher or individuals approved by ASAA. 

(cf. -6146.7  Diplomas)

Legal Reference:

4 AAC 06.075 High school graduation requirements


Revised: 08/06/2018