AR 6146.5 Special Services Grading and Graduation Guidelines

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 6146.5


The following guidelines apply to those students who meet the eligibility criteria for a child with a disability as delineated by The Alaska Special Education Handbook.

Grading (For report cards and transcripts)
Students receiving special education assistance shall receive grades in the same manner and format as their non-disabled peers.  The IEP will articulate modifications to the standard grading procedures.
Students who are in materials so substantially modified that the materials do not meet adopted State and KPBSD standards, will receive a U or S and will earn credit towards a certificate of achievement.

High School Transcript
Students shall have a complete transcript on file with the required number of credits before being issued a certificate of achievement or diploma.  The transcript shall indicate the required courses for graduation.  In cases where a substitution has been made, a narrative statement must be reflected on the student’s IEP goals/objectives for the year in question. 

Diploma or Certificate of Achievement
To receive a regular high school diploma, a student must meet the minimum number of graduation credits as per District requirements.  When a disability precludes the teaching of the regular curricular offering, a modified course in the same subject area may be designed by the IEP team and offered.  A high school diploma will be awarded to students who take the required number of modified courses.

When a disability is so severe that modified course offerings cannot be designed which meet state and District standards, the student will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement.  The student’s IEP team shall meet and determine the date that the student is to exit high school.  All students must complete a minimum of four years in high school.
Graduation Ceremony
Students may participate in a formal graduation program once. Following the participation in the actual graduation ceremony and if the student received a Certificate of Achievement, the student may continue to attend school through age 21.
Students who have received a regular high school diploma are deemed to have completed their program and are no longer entitled to enroll in a School District program.
 (cf. 5127 Graduation Ceremonies and Activities)


Revised: 11/07/2016