BP 6153 School-Sponsored Trips

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 6153


The Board considers student excursions that integrate educational programs to be a vital part of the education program. Trips should enhance and supplement the instructional program and support other Board policies.


Cancellation of Trips


Cancellation of trips may occur due to weather, safety, world events, or local school need. Trips will be cancelled only when the Superintendent believes it is reasonably cautious and prudent to do so in order to ensure the health, safety, or welfare of those traveling, or to ensure the effective operation of the school(s). In making such decisions, the Superintendent shall consider any known travel advisories or restrictions issued by the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. State Department, or the State or National Weather Services. Every effort will be made to provide as much advance notice as possible.


The District is not responsible for financial losses due to cancellation of trips and will not make reimbursement of costs or expenses to students, parents, contracting entities, or carriers.


Trips Not Sponsored by District


Trips planned by teachers which are open to the community, and are not school sponsored trips, are considered private ventures. Staff entering into such ventures do so at their own risk. The District assumes no legal or financial responsibility for non-sponsored field trips. Private ventures are not subject to School District guidelines and are the sole responsibility of the organizers.


Individual staff members engaging in a private venture not associated with a school-sponsored trip shall not use school work time, materials, or other resources to promote, plan, organize or recruit for the private trip, except to the extent such resources are available to community members.


Participants and parents shall be provided with a disclaimer that the trip is not sponsored or endorsed by the District.

Legal Reference:

4 AAC 06.520 Recreational and athletic activities


Adoption Date: 4/14/08