AR 6153.1 School-Sponsored Trips/Special Medical Needs

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 6153.1


The purpose of these guidelines is to address the needs of students who are medically fragile or require medical attention which cannot be handled by the regular staff employees. It is hoped that these guidelines will simplify some of the problems which may arise and assist administrators and sponsors in working with the students with medical needs which will enhance the learning of our students.


The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District considers the student excursions that integrate educational programs with the resources of the community to be a vital part of the education program. Carefully planned field trips, that are directly related to adopted curriculum, are encouraged.


    1. The teacher will plan the field trip according to District Policy 6153.
    2. District Policy and Regulation 6153  will be adhered to. (If a student requires treatment or care by a licensed RN, (e.g. insulin injections or medication that must be measured or drawn up; or invasive medical procedures) special arrangements must be made. These must be in compliance with District policy.)
    3. In-District field trips: There will be an exchange of information and conference between the school nurses and teachers on the care of the student.
    4. Out of District field trips: A folder containing signed medical releases will be carried by the School District teacher. It is to be used for daily treatments and emergency care if needed.
    1. For in-District field trips the School Nurse must be notified two weeks prior to departure so that all necessary arrangements are made.
    2. The special needs of the student will be addressed and a plan as to how these needs are to be met will be written. (SeeE 6153.1)
    3. For in-District field trips necessary paper work and information will be faxed and hand carried.
    4. A cellular phone is recommended to be taken on the trip for use in case of emergency.
    5. Any special equipment or medication will accompany the student.
  3. FORMS
    To be signed by the parent/guardian and must accompany student on field trip.
    1. Field Trip Participation Consent form for Medically Fragile or Intensive Needs Students E 6153.1(a).
    2.  Field Trip Accommodation Plan; Students with Medical Needs form E 6153.1(b).
    Recommended adults to attend field trip with medically fragile students:
    1. The parents are encouraged, but not required, to attend the field trip with their child, or
    2. A parent trained designee, who is not a School District employee, will accompany the child on the field trip. The School District must have written authorization from the parent assigning the responsibility of their child's care to their designee, or
    3. A school nurse is to go on the field trip with the student, or
    4. If none of the above are possible an alternative field trip must be planned.


Adoption Date: 1/16/06