AR 6155 Guidelines for Challenging a High School Course

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 6155

  1. The student must submit the Course Challenge Application form (E 6155 ) to the principal at least nine (9) weeks prior to the semester in which the course will be offered. A completed copy of the form shall be forwarded to the Superintendent.

    Students may challenge a course only once, an exception may be considered by the evaluation team under special circumstances but they may not challenge a course previously taken during their high school experience. Students may challenge only core courses offered to meet graduation requirements.
  2. The request for challenging a course will be considered by the Intervention Team.
  3. The Intervention Team:
    1. Shall review the student's history and level of self-motivation, academic records, and all standardized test scores available such as Analytical Writing, curriculum-referenced tests and appropriate national standardized tests.
    2. May conduct a brief evaluation that could include a short essay and/or oral interview.
    3. Shall develop a written decision approving or denying the challenge application and deliver it to the student and the Superintendent. The statement must include data and reasons supporting the Intervention Team's decision.
  4. The Superintendent will convene an Evaluation Team consisting of up to three content area experts.
  5. The Evaluation Team will furnish the student with a course outline, curriculum, textbook(s), assessment criteria, and other relevant information.
  6. The assessment process will be designed to accomplish as many of the following as appropriate:
    1. Assess the student's knowledge and comprehension of the subject through the use of the District curriculum-referenced test, where available. The student must earn an 80 percent on this exam.
    2. Assess the student's knowledge and comprehension of the subject through the use of an additional, more comprehensive curriculum-referenced test. The student must earn an 80 percent on this exam.
    3. Evaluate the student's higher-level cognitive skills through an oral interview and/or written essay. Concepts should be the major focus of these oral interviews and essays. In those areas requiring knowledge of process skills, the student must demonstrate mastery of the process. This exam earns a “Pass” or “Fail” grade.
    4. Evaluate the student's lab or performance knowledge and techniques. The student may be required to set up, explain, perform, and/or demonstrate activities required in a class typical of the one challenged. This exam earns a “Pass” or “Fail” grade.
  7. The Superintendent shall notify the student and the principal of the examination results. The assessment must be completed and the student notified no later than the last week of the quarter.
  8. Credit awarded for successfully challenging a course will appear on the student's transcript with the grade of “Pass,” but no points will accrue to the grade point average. The word “Challenged” will follow the course title.


Adoption Date: 1/16/06