BP 6161.1 Selection of Instructional Materials

KPBSD Policy Manual

BP 6161.1


The School Board believes that instructional materials should be selected and evaluated with great care so that they are educationally sound and unbiased. Instructional materials must support the adopted courses of study and meet current curricular goals. Taken as a whole, District instructional materials should present a broad spectrum of knowledge and viewpoints, reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of our society, and enhance the use of multiple teaching strategies and technologies.

The Superintendent shall establish procedures by which new instructional materials may be requested and subsequently evaluated, together with existing materials. The review of instructional materials shall be coordinated with the overall development and evaluation of the District's curriculum. Teachers, students, parents/guardians and community members shall have the opportunity to recommend instructional materials. The District shall provide training for certificated personnel in the recognition of sex-biased materials.

(cf.6141- Curriculum Development)

The Superintendent shall establish instructional material evaluation committees. These committees shall include teachers, administrators and other staff who have subject-matter expertise, as well as parents/guardians and/or community members.

Individuals who participate in selecting instructional materials shall have no financial interest in the materials being reviewed, recommended, or approved.

(cf.3315- Relations with Vendors)

(cf.9270- Conflict of Interest)

Recommendations for the adoption and/or withdrawal of instructional materials may be reviewed with the Board by the Superintendent and shall include documentation supporting the recommendation.

(cf.1312.2- Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials)
- Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies)
- Controversial Issues)
- Supplementary Instructional Materials)

Legal Reference:

11.56.100-11.56.130 Bribery and related offenses
14.07.050 Selection of textbooks
14.07.057 Transmittal of textbook selections
14.08.111 Duties
14.14.110 Cooperation with other districts
14.18.060 Discrimination in textbooks and instructional materials prohibited
14.56.300-1456.340 Library assistance grants

4 AAC 06.550 Review of instructional materials
4 AAC 06.600 Definitions
4 AAC 57.020 Annual report of library operations
4 AAC 57.050-4 AAC 57.095 Library assistance grants
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Revised: 7/09/2012