AR 0200 Goals for the School District

KPBSD Policy Manual

AR 0200

Philosophy-Goals-Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

Quality Assurance

The Board of Education continuously monitors student achievement and the quality of the District’s work. The Board shall establish a strategic plan to guide all District and school level activity.  The Board shall be informed of all District level initiatives or programs.  The Superintendent shall supervise the following quality assurance components and continuously keep the Board informed:

1. All initiatives and/or programs will help meet a District goal.
2. All initiatives and/or programs will be presented in plan format and include District-level focus areas and goals along with action steps.
3. School level initiatives and/or programs will follow the below steps:

a. Submit New Initiative/Program form to assigned Instructional Director
b. Instructional Director reviews request.  Primary components of review are:

i. Does it help a school meet District goals?
ii. Are there planned assessments to ensure the initiative/goal is on track to meeting goals?
iii. Is there a quality communication plan with follow up?

c. Instructional Director informs District Leadership Team of request and recommends approval or denial
d. Superintendent approves and informs Board

(cf. 6190 Evaluation of Instructional Programs)


Adoption Date: March 4, 2013